Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A bit messed up

This is going to sound a bit messed up, but thanks to DD being home sick today*, I now have an FO! I finished her achingly simple knit hat in about 24 hours (about 4-5 hours of knitting - I'm a slow knitter).

Gory (boring) details:
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in dark purple (DD's favorite color)
Needles: 2 circ 4.0 mm
Gauge: 6 st/in
Pattern: my own - a simple 2x2 rib for 2" and then rounds of St st, to the crown, using YH's decreases to create a very pretty spiral top.

It remains to be seen whether DD will actually wear it. She doesn't wear much of what I knit her (admittedly it's not too much). She's worn her poncho about a dozen times total (took me 2-ish weeks of daily train knitting to finish it), a hat (shrunk when I stupidly washed it), a scarf (she wore it last year; we probably just need to dig it out), and a pinafore (she's worn it twice).

Here's a question for you, speaking of the pinafore -

I used Cascade 220 Superwash because, well, it's washable. There's no way I intend to handwash knits for a toddler. The yarn seems to hold up reasonably well (it's a little fuzzy but it hasn't shrunk), but every time I wash it, buttons fall off, the ends of my yarn pop out, etc. I even washed it in a garment bag to prevent too much pulling of it, but it still didn't hold up well. I thought I knew how to weave in the ends (I even have a book of knitting finishing techniques that I follow), but they pop out. Darn it. What gives? Do I have to suck it up and hand wash the thing? Ack!

* OK, actually she really wasn't that sick. She definitely had something, and I don't mind her being home. But she's headed to daycare tomorrow. She complained of a stomach ache, but no fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea. In fact, by the time DH got home, she was bouncing off the walls happy to have a playmate other than knitting momma.

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Amy Lane said...

I do that all the's funny how my kids are just 'a little' sick, right when I couldn't be more sick of work... (Not that you'd do that, not for a second...)

Anyway, superwash is tricky because it's treated not to felt...but my only trick for finishing (and I suck at it, btw) is to make sure I split the yarn in several different directions as I weave--and especially make sure I split the yarn I'm weaving in twice. And buttons...ish! I started giving up and doing buttons with sewing thread through a piece of waste cloth on the other side... adorable infant has a sweater she's been wearing since birth (and no one's more surprised than I am that it still fits...) and the buttons have managed to stay on... it's a first, but I'm fairly encouraged. (Yeah...I'm thinking once I get BOUND completely edited, I'm in for a little tipply-pooh for mama...not too much, I"m still nursing a little, but alcohol is definitely in order...)