Monday, August 21, 2006

Dashing . . .

I'm here and knitting, but I'm having trouble with the camera and am a bit pressed for free time.

I'm making progress on the Lotus Blossom Tank (which I've yet to show pics of). I finished the front and am halfway up the back.

Issue 1: I'm not sure about the instructions for how far to knit up: "knit 7.5" from the armhole shaping," but I'm not sure exactly what they mean by that. Do they mean the actual shaping, which is curved, or do they mean straight up from where the armhole shaping begins?

Which leads me to Issue 2: it's too big! I knit the smallest one, and while I do have very small shoulders and bust, I thought it would fit. I'm hoping that some blocking will help it out, but the under arm holes gape at this point. I like the pattern and wanted this tank for myself, but I don't feel like ripping, figuring out how to make it smaller, and then reknitting.

If I had more time and energy, I might try to study pattern revisions. Or at least learn how to incorporate decreases better. I know lots of knitters out there successfully (and seemingly easily) incorporate decreases for waist shaping (and increases for bust shaping), but I've never done it and I've only half-assed tried to figure it out.

I also started DD's Anouk Pinafore. She and I went to the "knitting store" this weekend to get the purple yarn. I found the cutest lavendar lady bug buttons which will look perfect with the lavendar trim I picked out. I started on the border, incorporating the picot CO that I learned from the Miss Dashwood hat. I love that detail!

I also received requests from family to knit them things! Two requests now: mom wants a 3/4 sleeve length evening jacket to wear with cocktail dresses and the like. And my Dear MawMaw (who taught me to knit) requested a scarf to wear around the house in the evening when it gets cool. She says a shawl will be too heavy, so I'm thinking a wide scarf with a medium-weight yarn, perhaps with a lighter lace stitch. She wants it warm but not smothering (this from a woman who reguarly keeps the house around 65F).

Those requests, along with my promise to my MIL to knit her friend a baby gift will keep me busy for awhile.

I promise pics to come.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Final Summer Inventory - Inventory III

It's the end of my third vacation this summer, and the dawn of my new job is fast approaching. I've had a terrific week, filled with blasted errands (blech) but a movie, lots of sitting and knitting, shopping, walking through NYC, eating in fabulously expensive restaurants and having experiences like never before, and enjoying the blissful weather while knitting outside. It's been a decadent and lovely vacation. While I wish I had another week to go, there's something about the end that makes it even more bittersweet and desireable.

I've reported on a lot of these, but I've made some progress since the last post. And, because this officially ends my summer knitting time, I figure it's good to assess where I am and see what's in store for the fall.

Linen Lace Handtowel: Both are DONE!

DD's Rug: stet. No progress.

Anouk Pinafore: Done and delivered to the expecting mama.

Baby Tart Hat to match Anouk: ripped and shelved.

Miss Dashwood Hat to match Anouk: 2 finished - one for Aimee's baby and one for DD.

Baby Kimono and Hat: Done and packaged to be delivered.

Tempting II: ripped and shelved.

Added projects:
Lotus Blossom Tank from Interweave Press: I'm done with all of the lace repeats (thanks to several hours of knitting in perfect weather today). I'm starting on the bodice now and hope to have it finished in a few weeks. It will fall into the Fall Knitting group.

In Queue:
Bolaro of sorts for Mom
Pinafore for DD
Baby Gift for MIL to give her DF who's expecting

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Why is it that I get so excited at the start of a new project only to hit a plateau half way through and then to drag out the finishing process for weeks, sometimes months? What happens to that initial excitement and energy - the kind of energy and excitement that keep you up way past your bedtime to work on a project??

Well, lo and behold some FOs that followed exactly the course I describe above. These FOs took little time to knit but the finishing process took months on end. Nonetheless, here they are in all their glory:

Pattern:A Hearthbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono in Mason-Dixon Knitting
Modifications: I extended the front flap to the side seam. It looked prettier to me than ending the flap mid-way on the side. I also added the YO border along the bottom, and I added a YO border along the neckline in the back.
Comments: I like this pattern, but the second time around just didn't do it for me. I got a little sloppy towards the end and didn't follow the directions all that well. As a result, the front flap extends way long. No matter, it's cute. I also love the cute elephant buttons! Adorable.
Modifications I'd make if I knit it again: Not sure. I'd keep the yarn over or find another border to do, as I think the plain St st and garter st are boring.

Pattern:Anouk and Miss Dashwood Baby Hat, both from
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Wool
Modfications: None
Comments: I love these patterns. I've already knit a hat for DD and am planning a pinafore for her as well. Both knit up so quickly - it was amazing. I had fun knitting both sides of the pinafore at the same time using circular needles and multiple balls of yarn. This was my first attempt at pockets, and after several starts, I'm really pleased with how they turned out, both in terms of the intarsia pattern but also how they are attached to the dress.

I also love the buttons, which match the dress perfectly! I found them after I made the dress, so it was serendipity in pulling it all together. Perfect.
Modifications I'd make next time: On the pinafore I'd add a beautiful picot border along the CO edge. I want it to match the hat, but I also think it's a beautiful edge. It's inspired me to learn different edgings and COs.

BTW, Aimee was happy to appear in the pics with the dress and hat. She loves the ear flaps especially and is getting more excited overall about the new addition, which is due to arrive September 14. Good luck, Aimee!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Last Summer Vacation

It's my last summer vacation - and one before the new job. I'll post this week. With pictures.