Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tales of a Slacker's Life

Slacker WRT blogging, that is. I've been remiss in blogging -- my schedule and priorities have shifted, and something has to go with the precious time I have.

So here's a rundown of my recent schedule --

4:40 AM -- wake up
5:20 -- bike ride
6:30 -- shower, dress, kiss family goodbye
7:05 -- get in car
7:13 -- arrive train station, walk to station
7:18 -- get on train, knit during commute
8:20 -- arrive at desk, read email, skim blogs

9:00 -- coworkers arrive, start working on very stressful project
12:00 -- eat through lunch

4:30 -- run out the door to catch the train, knit during commute
5:35 -- arrive at station, get DD from daycare before the 6 pm aftercare fees kick in
6:15 -- arrive home, feed starving DD, play, read
7:15 -- start DD's bath, knit through her bath
8:15 -- say good night to DD, revisit her 2 times
8:30 -- eat dinner with DH
9:00 -- knit while vegging in front of the tv
9:30 -- clean up, get ready to do it all over again
10:00 -- face plant in bed

I'm a little obsessive about some of the details because the times are really tight. 35 min in the morning from the time I arrive home to the time I'm in the car -- that's roughly a 4 min shower, 6 min to dry my hair, 3 min to put on make up, 1 min to get breakfast, etc. Don't ask what my hair looks like. It's a good thing I'm already hitched, cause it wouldn't be happening now!

And that kind of rush just doesn't stop through the day

Thanks to Netter for bringing me out of the woodwork. I may not be posting, but I am reading (but sadly not commenting).

I see Amy has found the root of her abominable computer problems. Let's hope they clear up this next year. Get through those detested "units" so you can get to the thing you love -- writing!!

BTW, I'm sending more packages soon (of course, note that "soon" for me means in the next three months, so don't hold your breath).

Heather is sadly preparing for her husband's departure. As for TV, well, my 3-yo DD watches TV only on the weekend. She watches a lot (IMO), but only on the weekend. I'd say she watches between 1hr - 4hrs Sat & Sun each. All taped shows or movies; no actual TV. She pitches a fit after watching TV. Is whiney, cranky, and generally unpleasant. So, I limit her TV and follow up with some joint activity -- reading, playing in her room, or going outside together.

There are a slew of others I've read but missed in this post. But rest assured, I am reading!

In knitting news, I'm also knitting. Monkey socks are delighting a slew of knitters. Bells and Cara in particular gave me the bug to knit them. I loved both of their enthusiasm, and I stole Cara's picot edge. One Monkey is done, the second is CO, and then I CO for this month's STR pattern (the name escapes me). The yarn is UTTERLY DELIGHTFUL. Very ME colors! And I like the small cable twist in the pattern.

Monkey has become my "DD bath time" and "TV time" knitting. STR has become my train knitting. Both are progressing, albeit slowly.

I abandoned the ankle socks for my grandmother. I think I really dislike cotton yarn. I hate how flabby it is. I like how lightweight it is, but I intensely dislike how out of shape it gets and how it has NO negative ease at all. I *do* like KnitPicks (from Amy's package a month ago or so), as it has nylon in it (I think). But, I've put that project down, despite how quickly those socks knit up, because it's just too darned boring, produces a boring sock, and who has time to knit boring projects??

Netter tagged me for a recent meme, but I'm sitting on it for a bit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A shout out to Kim

Meet Kim. She's a lawyer in NYC who I met on the train, knitting the same exact sock pattern I was knitting!

Kim -- when I walked off the train yesterday, about 5 rows up was another knitter! I was rushing off the train and couldn't say hi, but that makes 3 of us in one car at the same time.

Talk about infiltration. Hehehe.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mostly working, some cycling, little but some knitting

It's all work right now. 110%. Full steam.

I'm knitting on the train. I'm on monkey socks. I met a fellow knitter tonight, on the train, also knitting...monkey socks! Hi Kim! I have a crummy cell pic of a great knitter and her work, which I'll post soon.

But it's all work right now. I'll be back soon.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am such a big loser and a big freak

Knitting world, I give knitters a bad name.

You know the stereotype that knitters are homey people? Well, it's due to me.

It's 10:33 on Saturday night (darn, I missed "10:15 on a Saturday Night" by a mere 18 min...can anyone guess that song??). I'm sitting here blogging on my knitting blog about my activities.

What am I doing?

OK, admittedly I'm not knitting.

I am doing laundry. Laundry.

On a Saturday night. At 10:30 pm. While DH is having a Man's Night Out.

What kind of a loser freak am I, really?

Well, I'm practical. We have the great misfortune and fortune to live in an apartment complex. Which means I do my laundry in a public facility with two washers and two dryers. The practical side of me loves this -- I can get double the laundry done in half the time. Er, more technically, I can get double the laundry done in the same amount of time.

Anyway. Point is, I can do four load in the time it takes my single-family-home friends to do 2 loads. DD is down. DH is out. I'm not in the mood to watch a movie. I'm not in the mood to knit. I didn't get laundry done today. I was wide awake about 45 min ago. And here I sit waiting for the laundry to finish.

I hope it finishes soon. I'm tired.

At least tomorrow it's one chore down. At least.

And then I can get back to my knitting...if I ever find a pattern to suit me. Netter and Bells keep inspiring me, though. Keep those pics coming!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Working, biking, knitting

Those are my three activities right now.

Actually, I'm in a bit of a knitting funk. I'm not enjoying this sock pattern anymore, and I don't know what to switch to. I feel obligated to finish the pair for my dear grandmother, but I'm just not happy with the knit. Her feet are smaller than mine, so I'm guessing about the fit -- length and around. Maybe that's what I don't like so much.

Time to read ...

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I broke 100 miles

on my bike. I did my second group ride with a large "pack" (all women) for a 25+ mile ride (including the 2 mi round-trip ride from my house to the starting point). It took 2 hours and I was exhausted all day as a result, but it was great while doing it. It helps riding with a group of others -- there's no way I'm walking my bike up a hill while the rest look down at me from the top, having ridden there. Even if I was in the lowest gear and going so slow my bike almost fell over, I didn't walk it up.

And so I indulged in a slightly larger dinner than normal, and I try to justify it by the ride, but really, I should eat NORMAL portions while exercising. I need to lose these saddle bags.

On the knitting front, I accidentally left my knitting at work on friday! Can you believe that! And so I've discovered yet another joy of the stash and extra needles: you can start a project anytime. ;) I CO for another pair of anklet socks using the KnitPicks yarn Amy sent awhile back. I think I like the KnitPicks better than cotton (Online, specifically, though I think it's cotton in general). It's more springy and sproingy, as Tigger would say (yes, Tigger as in Winnie the Pooh's Tigger). I don't like how cotton gets stretched out and doesn't spring back.

We're taking a family bike ride tomorrow, so I'd better get some sleep. Luckily it will be shorter than today's, but I'll be lugging an extra 27 lbs on my rear tire.