Sunday, July 22, 2007

I promise

my blog is not de-volving into a blog-quiz only blog. Almost, but not 100%.

You Are a Mac

You are creative, stylish, and super trendy.

You demand the best - even if it costs an arm and a leg.


Amy Lane said...

I am a PC...

Hey--it's good to hear from you in any context!!! (Darlin', are you still working on or thinking about that sock yarn blanket? I'm still knitting w/sockyarn...)

Coach Susan said...

Hey, are you living my parallel life? I see you can't blog these days either.

May a winning lottery ticket flutter into your life on a gentle breeze of dry Canadian air and may said breeze similarly endow,

NeedleTart said...

Hi, Still checking in every other day or so. Hope all is well.