Monday, August 21, 2006

Dashing . . .

I'm here and knitting, but I'm having trouble with the camera and am a bit pressed for free time.

I'm making progress on the Lotus Blossom Tank (which I've yet to show pics of). I finished the front and am halfway up the back.

Issue 1: I'm not sure about the instructions for how far to knit up: "knit 7.5" from the armhole shaping," but I'm not sure exactly what they mean by that. Do they mean the actual shaping, which is curved, or do they mean straight up from where the armhole shaping begins?

Which leads me to Issue 2: it's too big! I knit the smallest one, and while I do have very small shoulders and bust, I thought it would fit. I'm hoping that some blocking will help it out, but the under arm holes gape at this point. I like the pattern and wanted this tank for myself, but I don't feel like ripping, figuring out how to make it smaller, and then reknitting.

If I had more time and energy, I might try to study pattern revisions. Or at least learn how to incorporate decreases better. I know lots of knitters out there successfully (and seemingly easily) incorporate decreases for waist shaping (and increases for bust shaping), but I've never done it and I've only half-assed tried to figure it out.

I also started DD's Anouk Pinafore. She and I went to the "knitting store" this weekend to get the purple yarn. I found the cutest lavendar lady bug buttons which will look perfect with the lavendar trim I picked out. I started on the border, incorporating the picot CO that I learned from the Miss Dashwood hat. I love that detail!

I also received requests from family to knit them things! Two requests now: mom wants a 3/4 sleeve length evening jacket to wear with cocktail dresses and the like. And my Dear MawMaw (who taught me to knit) requested a scarf to wear around the house in the evening when it gets cool. She says a shawl will be too heavy, so I'm thinking a wide scarf with a medium-weight yarn, perhaps with a lighter lace stitch. She wants it warm but not smothering (this from a woman who reguarly keeps the house around 65F).

Those requests, along with my promise to my MIL to knit her friend a baby gift will keep me busy for awhile.

I promise pics to come.

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Heidi said...

The purple Anouk sounds adorable. How fun to knit for everyone! But I can relate to never knitting for yourself--and to things never fitting. They should make patterns in petite sizes!