Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sock Success

This is an admittedly crappy picture of my first sock, but the cell phone was all I had at the time. Here's my first-ever sock in all its glory. I can't believe how quickly it knits up - I'm actually much further along this morning than I was yesterday morning when I snapped this pic.

I placed an order at Blue Moon Fiber Arts for two more addi turbo circs (US size 1 in 16" and 20") and two skeins of luuvvvly sock yarn. I can't wait. I like this yarn I'm currently using, but it's pretty scratchy and the color isn't me (the recipient picked it out). I want to knit something in a softer color with softer yarn next time around, so we'll see how the Blue Moon Fiber works out.

We're travelling from Philly to Detroit to Evansville, IN on Friday, and I'm really curious about taking my knitting with me. It's such a long flight plan (6 hours) and I can rock on some knitting in that time. But I'm not sure which project to take with me for a number of reasons -
* will TSA allow metal needles?
* will one project last me? All of my projects are pretty far along, and it'll kill me to sit idle because I finished a project early and didn't have another
* that said, will TSA let me bring multiple projects using multiple needles, some metal, some bamboo? The sock alone uses two circs, and my other projects use one circ. If I took all of hte projects with me, I'd be armed with 4 circs, or 8 needles. That's enough to maim the people in my row, no doubt, so TSA might not look so kindly on it.

Then again, the only time a knitter really gets angry enough to maim a person is if the person gets in the way of knitting. Then again, I am 84% evil, so there might just be other circumstances. BWAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


Amy Lane said...

just making sure I commented on this was wierd...I pressed enter, and my window disappeared... anyway, if it didn't show up, e-mail me--I've totally enjoyed your comments on my blog!

Heidi said...

So you're doing socks on the 2 circulars instead of dpns? I've seen that. What pattern did you use? I keep saying I'm going to start socks one of these days, but I'm up to my eyeballs in baby gifts instead.

Bells said...

as a soon to be 'finished my first sock' knitter, i share your joy! Would love to learn how to do it on circs though, because I struggle endlessly with DPNs. I feel like i'm knitting with four hands...and that's not a good feeling.