Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One Sock Down, Nine More To Go

I'm such a slacker picture poster. I did avow myself of feeling guilty for non-picture posts in the desire to simply post more regularly, to not allow a pic-less post stop me from posting about progress. It's P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S after all, something I'm regularly short of.

ONE SOCK DOWN! I figured out how to graft the toe, and I HATE it. I hate how it looks. I even did the switch-the-end-stitches-to-avoid-donkey-ears move, and I still hate how square (triangular) the toe line looks. DH noticed it.

On my foot, though, it looks fine. I think.

I also don't quite know how to weave in the ends. On other knitting I have no problem, but for some reason I wasn't sure how to do it along the top of the sock. It's wool yarn, so hopefully the end will snuggle its way into the other stitches. I did the best I could and that's that.

So in the meantime of finishing this sock, I invested in 4 more pairs of addi turbo circs (two each of size 1 and size 0 in varying lengths). I also splurged on FOUR more skeins of yarn. I swatched some beautiful hand-dyed yarn tonight for the jaywalkers, and I'll have to wait for my 1 or 0 size needles to be delivered before CO.

As for the trip, I made it through security with no problem. They were more interested in my chapstick than my knitting. I finished the sock on the drive to the airport, so I didn't have to worry about taking multiple projects through security (or metal needles). I carried my MawMaw's scarf with me and packed DD's intarsia sweater in the checked luggage.

The trip was great, but I was BEAT afterwards. I knit about 3 rows before falling asleep on the trip back. So, no progress on DD's sweater, and minimal progress on MawMaw's scarf. But the sock is done.

Yay me.


Heidi said...

Good luck on Sock #2! I gotta get me some of those turbo needles. I'll drop some Christmas hints to my mom...

Amy Lane said...

Glad to hear it was a good trip! After several socks, I've barely got a handle on grafting--don't feel bad, I've left a lot of ugly toes in my wake, because I just flat out couldn't make the picture work in my head. I've got it now (mostly) and my one trick is to turn the sock inside out and use the yarn needle to puncture the backs of the actual stitches while I'm weaving. Glad you're back and that your trip went well.