Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So I ripped the sock back to the leg part, leaving about 3" of leg (including co and ribbing), and knit it longer and redid the heel flap. I had to stop there. Penance for my lazy ways.

The 6 Weird Things posts have been raging through the knitting blogosphere, and I'm trying to think of 6 weird things. I can think of 6 (600000) lame things I do. Or 6 lazy things. 6 gross things. 6 indifferent things. But 6 weird things. Hm. Here's a go --

1. My favorite color is yellow, but I can't imagine yellow on any clothing or accessory. No scarf, no bag. God forbid yellow cars except taxis. Just children's rooms or kitchen decorations. Chic french country (though I couldn't imagine having it in my house -- I love the style in others' houses). Still, I love yellow to no end.

2. I am a sane, law-abiding driver, but I get furious at stupid, law-breaking drivers (and they are in abundance where I live). So furious, in fact, I yell and scream at the top of my lungs. I don't think that in and of itself is so weird, but the fact that I'm a stickler for following the rules but lose it at the drop of a hat of another driver not following the rules, even going to far as to challenge other drivers in a fighting match, is pretty weird, I think.

I love to drive 10 or miles UNDER the speed limit when people tailgate me.

In fact, it's not just driving. But I get insanely furious (maybe I need anger management) at even small infractions. I believe so much in the rules, that when people break them I just fall apart.

3. I love sugar wafer cookies. The cheap-o kind. Chez Rae is stocked with organic, decadent foods from Whole Foods and other specialty stores. We spare no expense on food. Prefer expensive wine. Expensive chocolate. Expensive flour, for crying out loud. But those cheap, yucky sugar wafers? Love them. I've never actually brought them into the house (DH would never let me live it down), but my mouth waters for them every time I see them in the convenience store across the street from work. I ALMOST bought a package on Monday but I knew I would feel guilty afterwards.

4. I can't abide drinking, eating, or even really breathing after other people. The last one is a toughy, I know, as essentially all air is recycled breath to some extent. But even with DH, even after having some intimate time together, I can't stand the thought of drinking or eating after him. I hear of parents who finish off their kids' meals (probably secretly), but I can't do this because the thought of putting DD's saliva in my mouth is revolting. Utterly revolting.

5. I majored in literature in college and wanted to go into publishing. If I could have found a job to pay me for analyzing literature, I would have tried out for it in a heartbeat (other than getting a PhD). But now I can't read a novel to save my life. I have no interest in reading any novels right now. I don't think I burned out on them per se, but I just don't see the point. Non-fiction yes. Politics, history, theory and analysis, issues. Knitting. Child rearing. Yes. But fiction, no. Not at all.

6. I love to see how long my toenails will grow. I think that's pretty weird (and gross at the same time). I usually cut them when my toes start hurting in my shoes, or I switch to sandals. I dunno what the interest is. Maybe it's because my fingernails won't grow to save my life, but my toenails grow like weeds. Thick and strong. I've never gotten them to curl under, but I have had them actually cut the neighboring toe before. That was painful.

Tag, you're it!


Julie said...

We think the baby's favorite color is yellow. Kids that young usually only see primary colors (or so they tell me) and she regularly goes for yellow whatever, if given a choice of colors.

As for toenails (hey, let's all be weird!), I used to grow them extra long when I went barefoot all year 'round - the extra length is good protection against stubbed toes. There. Now you have a reason if someone asks.

Amy Lane said...

Our family can eat anybodies food--we'd totally icck you out to no end. But although I totally love reading, I get the whole 'lit switch' thing...sometimes it's just where you are in your life.