Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"To update or not to update?" That is the question.

Blogger is encouraging me to update my site to the new blogger style. With all of the hooplah and problems I've heard about the updates, I think I'll wait it out. I love being on the cutting edge of technology -- knowing about the cool new products, capabilities, and wars that are out there -- but I am happy to sit on the sidelines until things are tested, cleaned up, perfected, and stable before adopting them myself. So it goes with the new apple iPhone. You won't see one in my pocket for quite awhile, though I have to admit they're the darnedest coolest thing I've seen since the Nano.

In any case, I need to update my sidebar and knitty info! I have some almost-FOs of 2007 to share:

* a baby kimono for MIL's friend (I'm still bristling at knitting it because I knit ONLY for blood relatives, but MIL really wanted this, so I went ahead for her)
* 1 sock for DH from Knitting Vintage Socks (it's a gorgeous pattern! I love it)
* a baby sweater to have for "that" time (we're of the age during which everyone is procreating, and it never hurts to have a last minute gift on hand)

I'm anxious to start a bunch of other projects, but I refuse until I'm done with these. The finishing always does me in -- I just hate it. And despite scouring the book of knitting finishing techniques, I still don't know how to effectively weave in the ends to save my fucking life. Those ends are the bane of my existence, popping out at the mere glance of them. And those beautiful knitters who finish perfectly -- Grumperina, Yarn Harlot, All Things Heather, and I an only assume Samurai Knitter (though I don't think I've seen the inside of Julie's work) -- kill me every time. How in the world did you learn to finish?? I don't know how to do it effectively despite really trying.

And my camera is still busted. DD is growing leaps and bounds every day, so we gotta get that thing fixed. Hold on, I'm looking up the site info now ....

OK, I'm now at least $127 poorer to get this thing fixed, but at least I should post pics soon.

Back to work.


Heidi said...

I'm waiting to update to the "new" blogger too. Maybe this week. Wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

okay... the fact that I commented on this site last night and you didn't get it is proof that you blogger sucks rocks any frickin' way you frickin' slice it... I said something nice, too (because I was glad to see you back on the blog, sweetheart--I missed you!) and the damned thing ignored me twice. Blogger is crap, ptwa, I spit on it. But not too much or my hard drive will rust. (amy lane--blogger will let me in anonymously)

Anonymous said...

('proof that blogger sucks rocks' not proof that 'you blogger sucks rocks'--speaking of proof, some proofreading on my part would be a good idea. amy lane)