Monday, June 18, 2007

Mostly working, some cycling, little but some knitting

It's all work right now. 110%. Full steam.

I'm knitting on the train. I'm on monkey socks. I met a fellow knitter tonight, on the train, also knitting...monkey socks! Hi Kim! I have a crummy cell pic of a great knitter and her work, which I'll post soon.

But it's all work right now. I'll be back soon.


Netter said...

Good to see you post. It would be great to see your monkey socks. What are you using for yarn?

KnitTech said...

Glad to know you're okay.

New knitters group for you!!

Kim said...

Hopefully I'll run into you on the train again, but I've added you to my bloglines so I can keep in touch via blogland! Hooray for Monkey Socks!