Saturday, June 02, 2007

I broke 100 miles

on my bike. I did my second group ride with a large "pack" (all women) for a 25+ mile ride (including the 2 mi round-trip ride from my house to the starting point). It took 2 hours and I was exhausted all day as a result, but it was great while doing it. It helps riding with a group of others -- there's no way I'm walking my bike up a hill while the rest look down at me from the top, having ridden there. Even if I was in the lowest gear and going so slow my bike almost fell over, I didn't walk it up.

And so I indulged in a slightly larger dinner than normal, and I try to justify it by the ride, but really, I should eat NORMAL portions while exercising. I need to lose these saddle bags.

On the knitting front, I accidentally left my knitting at work on friday! Can you believe that! And so I've discovered yet another joy of the stash and extra needles: you can start a project anytime. ;) I CO for another pair of anklet socks using the KnitPicks yarn Amy sent awhile back. I think I like the KnitPicks better than cotton (Online, specifically, though I think it's cotton in general). It's more springy and sproingy, as Tigger would say (yes, Tigger as in Winnie the Pooh's Tigger). I don't like how cotton gets stretched out and doesn't spring back.

We're taking a family bike ride tomorrow, so I'd better get some sleep. Luckily it will be shorter than today's, but I'll be lugging an extra 27 lbs on my rear tire.


Amy Lane said...

I'm so glad for your exercising...the people I know who ride bikes are almost always on endorphin highs--good for you!!! (Hey--I might have a couple of more odds and ends to send you...I'm about to finish my second project that didn't require the full amount, but I'm tired of the yarn already...)

Yeah...I don't like cotton either...wool...woooooooooooooollllllll

NeedleTart said...

Wool Two. Glad you are getting out and about. Is it as hot by you? I told The Husband today that I really don't like trying to breathe wet air. In the pool, yes, in the parking lot outside B&N, no.

Coach Susan said...

The only reason to exercise, IMHO, is to indulge in larger than normal dinners. Congratulations on your achievement! Both biking and stashing. It's goooooood to have a backup project (or 52).