Sunday, July 23, 2006

Inventory II - Post 2nd Summer Vacation

I am truly a lucky gal, getting two wonderful vacations this year. First to the beach for a full week, and then 5 full days to the stunning mountains of PA with my family and ILs (who I love dearly; MIL is here with DD). DH and I had a wonderful time bike riding through the mountains (paved and gravel roads, no trails, but definitely remote mountain roads), we enjoyed fabulous food with DD and the ILs, and the company was lively and entertaining.

Interspersed between riding, eating, relaxing, and chatting were moments of knitting. Here's an update on my pre-vacation inventory list:

Linen Lace Handtowel: Both are DONE! Here you can see the second one blocking. At the moment they are both folded neatly together on the table awaiting a pretty packaging and wrapping, along with matching handsoap (handmade, maybe) for MIL's Christmas present.

DD's Rug: stet. No progress.

Anouk Pinafore: Blocked! I had a hard time getting it to fit on the sweater drying screen, but it worked. I haven't yet sewn the pockets on, and honestly the pockets look a little too big for it. With all pieces blocked, I figured it would be easier to sew it together. I'll have to find some daytime with good light to tackle that. Maybe this next weekend.

Baby Tart Hat to match Anouk: Actually, I decided to knit another pattern: Miss Dashwood. I almost skipped it because I thought the brim looked too big and floppy, but it turned out beautifully! All that is left is knitting on the earflaps and blocking (to make the brim lay flat). I knit this in the same washable wool from Cascade (Cascade 220 Superwash) as the pinafore. It's the "flower" on top of the stem and dress.

BTW, I adore this hat and started one in purple for DD. I learned a new CO technique that makes a gorgeous picot edge! I love it and can't wait to try it on something else.

Baby Kimono and Hat: stet. No change.

Tempting II: I knit about 2-3 rows total on vacation, and I'm to the point of starting the sleeves. So, I put it down and will revisit it when I have a chance to concentrate on what I'm doing.

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Deidre said...

What a wonderful summer you are having. Your projects are turning out great.
I keep waiting for my SIL to become pregnant. I see all of the childrens and babies profects that I want to knit.
Hope your new job is going well!