Friday, July 28, 2006

Tempting II isn't tempting

Here are two photos of DD taken a year apart. She doesn't look ver different in them given the poses, but she is so different now!

DD in July 2005

DD in July 2006

Tempting II isn't tempting me anymore. I've had 13 inches (up to the armpits) completed for well over a month. I trudged through casting on one sleeve a few days ago, but for some reason, the pattern and project just isn't giving me that oomph other projects do. I look at it and think, "Blah!"

Today I finished the hat for DD (a purple Miss Dashwood), and I just have the ear flaps to knit and sew on (easy, quick). I want to make DD the Anouk now, and I plan to add some embellishments that I learned from Miss Dashwood. I plan to CO using the picot edge, and I want to put some bobbles in there somewhere. I just have to figure out where.

I've stalled on her rug, which I really should finish since I want to see it in her room. It's HUMONGOUS (covers my legs when I knit it), and I have a TON more to do (maybe the reason I've stalled on it).

I also need to figure out something about the Tempting II project. I need to finish it (but finish it the right way so I'll wear it), or rip and knit it into something different. This poor yarn has only been ripped about 6 times, so I want to put it to good use (it's really good yarn), but I just don't know what.


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Deidre said...

The wee ones grow so quickly.....

Sometimes ya gotta just walk away and take a break for the project. Or maybe start something new :)