Sunday, July 30, 2006


LOL on the title. If my husband read that he would beg to differ about giving a knitting post the title of "Naughty," but this is my blog, not his.

I feel delightfully and deliciously bad. I'm supposed to be finishing my WIP before TNJ (which starts 8/14 for those who have asked), and I just CO a new project: Lotus Blossom from Interweave Press. My sister gave me a subscription for my birthday, and while I was thankful for the gift, I didn't really think I'd enjoy it that much. Well come to find out, I really like it! If she doesn't renew the subscription as a gift next year, I plan to renew it myself.

I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Cathay in a dusty cantaloupe melon color. I have about 2-3 extra skeins depending on how top turns out, so I can make something else with it (maybe a matching top for DD). I couldn't believe that the gauge, etc was exactly what the pattern called for. Lucky me. I had planned to make the Honeymoon Cami in this yarn, but after making two other tanks, I decided I just didn't like the way the tanks looked on me in the cotton yarn. I just don't have the bod for it, and I didn't like the overall look of the yarn in the knit.

Hopefully this knit will turn out. Not only am I taking on another project when I said I wouldn't, I'm taking on a project for myself, which I swore off awhile ago.

Fun fun. So far I really like the lace pattern, and it's not too difficult to follow. I'll show pics soon.

And on another front, I am so stupid! I finished both Anouk and Miss Dashwood and promptly wrapped the gifts before taking a picture of them! Duh. I'll have to take my camera when I give it to my DGF and snap some pictures of her holding it to showcase on the blog. Both turned out amazingly cute!

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Deidre said...

A knitter at my LSY just finished Lotus Blossom, and it is beautiful. The color you chose will be even better!