Saturday, April 28, 2007

Eye Candy

I finally have some eye candy, captured before the camera battery died (and now I need to plug in the laptop before the laptop moment, please)...

OK, back in business.

So eye candy. Long, overdue eye candy. If this were real candy, it'd be moldy and rancid, but luckily it's just eye candy...or cake.

Here, in luscious yarn and sweet colors are Cake Walk Socks and Cake Walk Jr Socks. Netter, I have to say that I thought this yarn was the softest yarn I had ever knit with, but then I washed the socks. The result was yarn so soft it made my mouth drop. Along with the colors making me drool, that's not such a great combination (I had to sop up the spittle from the floor, but luckily we have hardwood floors).

Anyway, DD won't take these off her feet. In fact, I haven't washed them yet because she won't take them off. I ended up having enough yarn for all pairs, but I topped Cake Walk Jr with a perfect purple from Amy 1) because I wasn't sure I'd have enough yarn, and 2) DD loves purple. The purple yarn matches almost perfectly; it's dark in just a few places, but otherwise it's a perfect match.

These are also my first toe-up socks, and I have fallen in love with toe-up socks. I don't know why, but I have. In fact, I love toe-up so much that I'm playing with taking leg-down socks and knitting them in reverse. I'm trying it with jaywalkers first, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with other socks also. You just have to play around with the heel and toe, but otherwise, it's pretty straightforward. The only time I think it would be problematic is if you knit knee socks with decreases and increases along the calf. But it could be figured out, I'm sure.

I also owe tribute to Amy for her happy package that came when I was sick and brought a little sunshine into my day. Here is the full stash (sorry for the dark picture) -- more than I ever expected. There's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Trip yarn (or tie dye) along with bits and pieces of solids. There are two full skeins, "unopened" of Lorna's Laces, and the purple is also Lorna's. And the crowning jewel is the Sock book! I can't wait to dive in and get my hands on some of these patterns. Pure delight.

And, because I'm behind in my posts and pictures, and because it's my blog, a little out-dated DD and DH eye candy. Happy day.


Heidi said...

Gorgeous socks. I can almost feel the softness through the pictures!

Netter said...

I can only take credit for the colors. Knit Picks is responsible for the softness of the yarn. Thanks for posting the pics, you made my day! By the way, that's a good looking family you have.

Amy Lane said...

What gorgeous yarn! Nice job, Netter! (and of course your family is the prettiest picture of all...) Okay, okay, between you and the Harlot, I will, eventually, tinker with my tried and true sock pattern...later. The old standby is still my wooby...(and you're very welcome:-)

Cathy said...

Pretty pretty socks and great book-I just picked it up recently, too. Someday, I'll actually knit a pair of socks that fit! Right now, they just look like I need a pair of floaties to keep 'em hitched up.

As for the daughter...just put her in the bath with the socks on..after all, you can wash 'em with shampoo...make's them very soft! Bet she'll get get the giggles out of that idea.

Bells said...

awww.cute photo! And those socks are fantastic!

Can you do a little tutorial, Rae, on how you swap from cuff down to toe up? That eludes me completely. I still have tried toe up. I'm scared!