Saturday, April 14, 2007


as in "Amy! Call off the Goddess. Please, Call. Off. THE. GODDESS!!!!"

Amy's Goddess let me recover enough from food poisoning last Sunday to then enjoy a new illness starting Tuesday afternoon -- a pretty dreadful upper respiratory infection that at the moment doesn't seem to be responding to antibiotics. Luckily my three-day 102F fever is gone, but I'm feeling dreadful.

Here are a few of ironies with these illnesses --

1. Appetite and hunger.
I've lost both my appetite and my sense of hunger. I actually can't really feel any hunger pains at all. I thought it was just the food poisoning, but now I don't know. Maybe it's the meds for this infection.

Why ironic?

Well what woman wouldn't want to lose her appetite?? Me, who has a secret "binge monster" who has to be kept at bay. Me, who has battled a voluptuous hind-end all my life. Me, who can eat at the drop of a hat even if I've just ate.

But you know, it has some awful side-effects. Chronic low blood sugar is painful. It gives me the shakes. It makes my eyeballs hurt with an intense eye strain feeling (yup, I've traced it down to food). I get dizzy! Dizzy!! It's not fun.

2. Sleep.
I want to do nothing but sleep. I've probably slept more in the last few days than I have in the last two months combined. (OK, I haven't lost my sense of hyperbole.) I sleep for hours on end and wake up exhausted. Maybe I'm sleeping too much, and I probably do need to get some exercise (as in walking outside the house, not as in whipping out my dusty Jane Fonda rip-off vids). But I can barely walk from my bedroom to the kitchen much less do anything else, so I'm at a bit of a loss about how to get it back to normal.

Ironic? Yup. Remember, I'm the sleep queen. I love to sleep. Love it, love it, love it. But right now I hate it. I can't seem to do anything but sleep yet I can't get enough.

3. Spare time.
I have a lot of spare time. DH is caring for DD pretty constantly. I suspect this will result in a few months of marriage counseling because DH has had to take on the full burden of child rearing (joke). I canceled my trip to my sister's this weekend (a 4-day trip) and had all day Friday off. I have tons of free time, but I'm too sick to do anything. Even knit. Even read. Even watch tv. Yup, I haven't watched any tv through this. I've just been in bed.

Irony? Well who doesn't want free time? Who doesn't want some time away from the kiddies? Time free from others to just do what you want? But it's really only enjoyable when you can do what you want. Lying in bed in pain is not something I want to do with my free time.

And not only that, it's only fun when others aren't having MORE fun than you. DH took DD to the circus today, and I couldn't possibly go. I've been horizontal since they left, and I'm only now vertical (3 hours later). This is DD's first trip to the circus, and it's killing me I can't be there with her and DH.

Now I'm pouting. ;(

I could probably come up with some more, but I'm doing pretty good getting this much out. I'm way behind on knitting news and thanks to the wonderful, colorful, generous community around me. I'm behind on pics. My blog has become a space for whining and moaning, not knitting. And yet it's ONLY supposed to be about things purled, knitted, etc etc.

So, here's some belated knitty news --

* I am *so remiss* in posting pics of Cake Walk, but I had enough left over to make a matching pair for DD. So mom and daughter will actually have something that matches. Well, almost. I wasn't sure I'd have exactly enough for two socks for DD, so I topped the socks with purple. Most of the variagated purple yarn matches *perfectly* and it's only too dark in a couple of places.

So, I owe Netter pics of two pairs of socks and WAY LONG OVERDUE package of thanks. I may be late, but I won't miss sending it all together. So sorry, Netter!

* I am also *so remiss* in thanking Amy for her luscious package! In fact, I have an horrible admission -- the package arrived when I was getting sick. I wrote Amy to thank her for the package but I hadn't actually opened the package when I wrote her. Shame on me. My thanks *was* heartfelt, but I didn't know just how generous she had been. I owe her and the blog pics of the spoils. I was planning to take all pics today, but today is worse than yesterday, so I'm happy just posting.

In any case, Amy deserves a huge thank you for delicious sock yarn, enough to go in a blanket or to make cute socks for DD and baby friends. In fact, the purple yarn I used in DD's Cake Walk socks came from Amy. Yup, I cast on before I could grab a pic of the stash, so I will include the socks with the pics.

But it doesn't stop there. Amy also sent a copy of More Sensational Knitted Socks! I have been craving new sock books for months, and Amy was kind enough to indulge. I can't wait to try the patterns, and I can't wait to learn how to make alterations to the socks. I've fallen in love with toe-up socks and can now knit simple ribbed socks without a pattern. But this will really help me learn how to make some neat socks. Thank you, Amy! I am so sorry for taking so long to thank you.

OK, I'm off to go rest. I'm actually drinking a diet coke. Hopefully the fizz will help my stomach, and the caffeine will help my head. We'll see.


Amy Lane said...

Oh no!!! I just thought you were busy with work, but I didn't know you were still sick!!! I'm sorry you feel like microwaved cat-puke... (as in double yuck!!!) I'm so sorry...I will send lots of good thoughts your way...may Dueant, god of compassion and Triane, goddess of joy, take pity on you and let you feel good enough to at least cuddle DD a good one tonight--and DON'T FORGET TO EAT!!!! And it really sucks when you have time to be with your kids but you don't feel good enough to really BE with them...

Sleep lots, stay prone, get well... and take one extra day off from work to blog, knit, and watch tv because I think the goddess owes you one!!!

Amy Lane said...

(And you're welcome for the package--I'm really glad you liked the book:-)

Netter said...

Oh, Rae! Feel better soon.

KnitTech said...

Hope you feel better. Really sucks to be sick. On the plus side, DD isn't sick with you or is that on the down side?

NeedleTart said...

Hope you feel better soon. I vote with Amy, "don't forget to eat!"