Monday, June 12, 2006


Remember this?

It turned into this after a few hours of wearing. Blech! Heather had a great post awhile back about negative ease. She pointed to some good articles, too, which I read after finishing this tank. Maybe I should have thought about that before knitting this sweater, but I wanted a sweater that was comfortable, not too tight. With this non-ease cotton thread, I suspect it would have been pretty tight.

Overall, I'm also disappointed with the tank. It just doesn't fit nicely. I feel lumpy in it. It is cool for the summer, but the yarn looks washed out already (it's a dusty color, supposed to look . . . well, dusty). It doesn't look rich and deep. It sorta hangs on me. Overall it's just disappointing.

Which leads me to my next whine: I think I'm done knitting adult clothes for myself. The baby clothes I knit seem to turn out beautifully, but I haven't knit a single adult thing (hats and scarves aside) that I like. Admittedly, I've knit one sweater and two camis. I hate all of them. OK, I don't hate them. I really dislike them. I wear them because I knit them, but I wouldn't have bought them off the rack.

Shucks. ;(

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Deidre said...

I know what you mean. I have one sweater that I wear, others just don't fit right. I just figure that I need more knitting experience.
Does the cami hang like that after wearing because it is cotton? Will it return to fit after you wash it? I hope it works out!