Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back in business!

Awhile ago I started a rug for DD. It started as this

and then became this

and then I ran out of yarn. Big deal? No, not really. We have a car, live in the 'burbs, and can get to Michael's in about 20 min. So the problem, you ask?

Well, I detest, no, make that utterly detest and despise going to the big box stores. Absolutely hate it. But, my LYSs don't carry this yarn (it's cheap but luuvly), so out to Michael's it is.

I'm using Lily's Peaches 'n Cream and wasn't worried about finding more or about the dye lots. It's a rug, after all, and it's Peaches 'n Cream moreover. It was just a matter of finding the time to schlep down to Michael's and buying it.

Which is what I did. $67 worth of Peaches 'n Cream. Having spent around $35 already for it, DD's going to use this rug for a loooong time. Here's the result of that purchase

It's turning out to be very large, so I may recalculate how big I want it to be. The pattern is a log cabin style that has 4 panels sewn together. I didn't want to bother with knitting 4 panels exactly the same size in order to piece them, so I simply multiplied the size of one panel to get the final size I want. BUT, I didn't multiply it by 4, rather, I multiplied it by 6!! Time to recalculate. But since I'm knitting one panel and don't have to match other panels to fit this one, I can make it any size or shape I want, right?

You'll notice, too, that this is a rug. A home textile project. I'm tempted by lovely adult (i.e., for me) patterns: Maisy (just ignore the model), a bazillion in Knitty, and others I come across usually 2-3 times a week. I haven't finished Tempting II yet. I'm just not over my down-in-the-mouth slump about being such a shoddy clothes knitter. I'm a shoddy clothes seamstress, too, which is why my machine is in the closet (and also for the same reason Colleen at Subway Knitter cites: it's too much of a pain to take 30 min to lug it out and set up, sew for an hour, and take 30 min to pack it back up. With my schedule, I'd get to bed at 1 AM for a measley hour of sewing. I'll wait 'til I get my sewing room.

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Heidi said...

Did you make up the pattern for this? I like the idea of knitting for the home. And I could use some rugs. But $100+ worth of yarn?