Thursday, June 22, 2006


I'm here. I'm ruminating on life in general. I'm knitting some, but I'm a bit preoccupied and caught up with other non-knitty worries at the moment. Luckily this afternoon begins my 10-day vacation and official hiatus from life. Beach, here I come (even though this bod isn't quite ready for it, my brain and spirit are).

Here's a pic of my precious girl (to stave off the text-only post). She's a dream, even when shoe-horning her body into a sink to avoid getting her cast wet (I had a button-cute pic of her in her sink bubble bath, but I don't feel so comfy putting a pic of her up when she's naked, even though naked kids are just adorable). In this badly-blurry cellphone picture, however, she's sporting her new purple waterproof cast! Our beach vacation is back on! Whoo hoo!!


Heidi said...

Rae, Have a great vacation. Where do you go? I used to go to the Jersey Shore--Avalon. Sorry I never got your postcard, and sorry you never got mine from France. It wasn't green, actually. :)

Keep me posted on the rug. Hope ou have some time to knit on vacaqtion.

Deidre said...

Hope you have a great time at the beach - toes in sand and drink in hand!