Wednesday, June 07, 2006

a non-knitty freak-o-zoid

Have you seen this?

This is a guy who's eating monkey food (pellets, huge pellets) for a week because he's tired of cooking and doing dishes. Imagine the power of over-worked, taken-for-granted moms who went on kitchen-duty strike by serving their precious fams nothing but monkey chow. DD's a little too young for me to resort to this, but Adam does give me ideas!

What a freak-o thing to do. I will say my typical american tabloid-tv-loving-self is eating it up (more than he's eating, that's for sure).

Go Adam! You can do it! Maybe I'll knit him a present if he makes it all the way through. Maybe a monkey sweater.

Note: The photo here is Adam's from his site. I ripped it. All credit goes to Adam, not me. I just needed eye candy for the blog page.

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