Friday, June 09, 2006

an almost-FO update

Is it OK to post almost-FOs?? I think the finishing process is by far the easiest but at the same time the most time-consuming part to knitting. It's especially time-consuming if you follow my lead: I finished knitting these over a week ago but have done nil with them since. Both need a nice long soak, and the lace handtowel needs some serious pinning and arranging in place.

However, I have NO intention of doing this work anytime soon. The little guy who's getting the kimono has weeks before he's here, and the lace handtowel is a Christmas gift, so it clearly has months before MIL sees it. Of course, I run the risk of putting off the final soak & block to the night before, but it's so far off I'm playing dumb.

Baby Kimono
FO Date:May 2006
Pattern:A Hearthbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono in Mason-Dixon Knitting
Modifications: I extended the front flap to the side seam. It looked prettier to me than ending the flap mid-way on the side. I also added the YO border along the bottom, and I added a YO border along the neckline in the back.
Yarn: Berroco 50% cotton, 50% rayon, 1.75oz/89yd, 5mm(5st=1") in baby blue
Comments:This is an amazingly simple knit and easy to modify. I think next time I'll shorten the sleeves a bit and not knit the front flap to extend so far - I think it's over-extended, actually.

Linen Lace Handtowel
FO Date:May 2006
Pattern:Linen Lace Handtowel inspired by Mason-Dixon Knitting with lace stitch from --gotta get the book name--
Modifications: None really. This towel uses a 16-row repeat comprised of a 8-st pattern + 1. I added 3 k st ea side (garter) and 3 rows of garter on ea end to prevent rolling.
Yarn: Euroflax 100% linen, sport weight, 50gr/135yd, 3.0-3.25mm(6st/in) in terra cotta
Comments:I LOVE this twine yarn. I'm confident it will soften with a good wash. It's easy to knit, it coarse but feels good in my hands, holds its shape if it falls off the needle, and is generally easy to knit with. The color is beautiful, and I hope my MIL likes it. The pattern was also enjoyable to knit. It took awhile to get the pattern down (16 rows is a lot), but after awhile I got it and could run with ease. I had few mistakes and minor back-tracking (no major ripping). It was a perfect train project. I'm actually knitting a second handtowel in the same yarn, different color. I also chose a different pattern (for variety) but am having the same success with this one. I recommend it.


Deidre said...

You are already making Christmas gifts! Wow! I love the little kimono's too. Next project - make the monkey sweater!

Heidi said...

Love the color. I'm starting my first lace project: the yoga mat from Stitch'n'Bitch Nation. Wish me luck!