Monday, June 05, 2006

Two FOs!

Baby Kimono 1 and a matching baby hat of my own creation. I'm not 100% sure about the ribbon, but it's perfect for the recipient. I've actually finished knitting the 2nd kimono but it's not blocked or seamed. But more than that, it actually has a coffee stain on it! My coffee thermos leaked, and the knitting bag was slightly open. A few dribbles found their way in. It's not horrible, but I do hope it washes out. Suggestions?

The matching baby hat here was a breeze to make, even ripping because I missed some YOs. The border matches the border on the kimono, and I used the decrease pattern from Yarn Harlot's post the other day. The 8, 7, 6 etc decrease works perfectly for stitches in multiples of 10. I love the spiral (as YH comments in her post).


Stephanie said...

Beautiful job. I'm glad that the decreases were helpful to you. That little spiral makes me happy every time.
Remember too that it works for things that are multiples of other numbers. I'f it's a multiple of 9 do "knit 7 (6,5..) k2tog" around. If it's a multiple of 7 do "knit 5 (4, 3...) k2tog around"

get it?

Deidre said...

The hat and kimono are too cute!
Maybe a damp towell for the coffee stain. Maybe it will come out with the blocking? Good luck.
Yarn Harlot commenting - you are getting famous!
Thanks for the support about my knitting and starting the socks. Must. knit. faster.

Jofrog said...

So so so so cute! I love the kimono! If I have a little girl it will definitely be on the knit list... after you post the pattern that is... or after I buck up and figure it out myself! I love it!

Heidi said...

It's adorable. I love the kimono wrap style, and the ribbon detail really makes it special. Good luck getting the coffee stain out. I'm in danger of such accidents because I'm always snacking or drinking while knitting. At least it wasn't red wine!

Sandra Bennett said...

Absolutely beautiful kimono & hat; clever you!