Friday, October 06, 2006

Am I really **cking up?

I finished MawMaw's scarf tonight, and it looks lovely! It's a little short for a scarf, but she doesn't want to wrap it around her neck but rather drape it over her shoulders, so I wanted to make it a little shorter.

As a reward, I am knitting my swatch for MY jaywalkers. I'll get done the other gifts (sure, I'm sure, I promise). BUT, am I totally messing up -

The ONLY way I've chosen yarn is by the color. I ask for "sock yarn" and then make a pick.

Is this bad? Will I get totally horrible socks? Here's my current pick, which I really like:

Schaefer Yarn Anne
(shamelessly ripped from - check it out)
60% Merino Wool superwash, 25% mohair, 15% nylon
4oz/560 yds
Gauge: 7-8 St/In (on what size needles????????)

Anyone know??

Somehow I think that I'm not totally messing up, but I clearly know jack about anything. I just pick and go - pattern, yarn. No matching.

Samurai Knitter asked if a group wanted to do a KAL from start to finish. I should join because I need to learn this stuff, but I really don't wanna. She did convince me in her recent Knitty article to swatch, so that's an accomplishment for her. But I'm not sure how much I really want to labor over a pattern. I may just enjoy knitting scarves if other garments require a lot of calculations (I'm good at math, I'm just impatient).

I suspect I'm in the same boat as about 80% of the other knitters out there.


Julie said...

Oh, join! It won't be painful, I swear. The math is very simple (you can do it with a paper and pencil - no boolean logic, no non-linear equations, no calculus involved, I swear) and we'll do it over a period of time, not all at once. Honest. We'll figure the body out and not worry about the sleeves until the body is done. And we won't worry about the arm pits until the sleeves and body are knit. See? It's almost like not doing math at all.

And when we're done you'll know how to knit your own stuff and never need a pattern again. Boowhahahaha.

Amy Lane said...

Ooohhh...I love Schaeffer's Anne--almost too soft for socks! As for wrong choice? I don't think there is one for the Jaywalkers...I used self striping (the pictures are in my archives--July/August somewhere)and it showed off the zig-zags well, but other than that, I think it's up to you... (Do the knit it do it do it...I need people to watch...)

Amy Lane said...

I've done the jaywalkers in self-stripng (toh) and they were awesome!!! I like this colorway too... the socks in the original pattern were variegated, I believe--I think they'll turn out fine!!!