Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Need Advice

I'm sure to be overwhelmed by the response to this post (I've not seen anyone beat the number of comments YH gets), but I have to ask -

To knit for the family, or to knit for myself?

Somehow I suspect a lot of folks will say to knit for myself. With the holidays coming, though, I have a long list of in-queue items to knit up for people. Then again, I always have a longer list of in-queue items than in-progress or FOs. Lately I've knit a whole bunch of stuff for others (non-relatives included), and I'm itching to knit myself some jaywalkers with some drop-dead gorgeous hand-dyed yarn that I picked up on sale.

Here's my Christmas list, just so you can see, in relative priority order -

finish Mawmaw's scarf (another week or so)
finish my dear friend's sock (the companion to the first one I knit)
finish my sister's Lotus Blossom Tank (one sleeve edge to go)
finish DD's pinafore (sew the buttons on, knit the tabs and sew on)
finish DD's intarsia sweater (finish front, knit both sleeves, piece together)

socks for Granddad
socks for mom's husband (who I love dearly)
socks for DH (??)
socks for FIL (??)
socks for MYSELF????

Even though it's October 3, I don't think I can get all of that done before Christmas.

On top of that, I'm starting to covet my grandmother's scarf that I'm knitting for her. The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is so soft, so lovely, so plush and squisy compared with last year's mohair scarf (I think I really hate mohair) that I want it for myself. But she requested this scarf, and DD picked out the color yarn, and it's for her after all, so I'll have to knit myself one.

And DH would love another winter hat.
And I'd love to knit ...


Mom asked for a jacket in one of the knitting mags I have.
Double friggin cripes.
If I worked on that alone it'd take me to Christmas.
And I really do want to knit it for her - I'd love to give it to her!!

Why do I have to love folks so much???


Amy Lane said...

It's wonderful to knit for someone else... (unlike teaching) your results are tangible, beautiful, greatly appreciated, and more often than not, experienced and enjoyed in the spirit in which they are given. I'm surprised every teacher I've ever met hasn't become totally addicted to needlecrafts for just that reason...we're generous people on the whole--the thanks that comes with knitwear is just too addictive to pass up. (Besides, and the girls at Mason/Dixon knitting will back me up on this, we never knit as nicely for ourselves as we knit for other folks...sad, but true. Worst sleeve I ever set was for a sweater I'll never wear.)

Heidi said...

I'm in the same boat, although my list isn't as long. Last year I knit the whole week between Christmas and New Years for others too (finishing undone xmas projects). This year I'm going to say Dec. 24 I start knitting for myself (or my kids to be).