Saturday, November 11, 2006

Calling for HELP!

I'm in search of good sock pattern books. Any suggestions? I'm hitting the knitting blogs I love to read for ideas, but I've only found a few.

I really like Potomus (SP?) but am also really dying to do more cables (has anyone ever said that??) now that I learned Grumperina's trick. I have Knitting Soars on Two Circular Needles, and I like the few patterns she has in there, but I'd love something with a nice pattern. I keep admiring Grumperina's socks - I just need to take the time to dig through her blog posts and find the sources of her patterns (knowing, of course, that she often changes the patterns to get them to her liking, and I won't have those notes).

So, please let me know of your suggestions!!


Cara said...

You've got to get Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Knitted Socks. It's got pretty much every sock pattern you could ever want in every size with every needle variation possible. Must have.

Julie said...

Eunny Jang just came up with some crazy twisted-stitch sock pattern not too long ago. (Crazy good, not crazy bad.) She's either offering it free or selling it on her blog.
You want the links to "Bayerische" and "Bayerische Sock part II", upper left of the main blog.

Amy Lane said...

Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks is my first pick, followed by SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS by XRX publishing ( the people who do Knitter's magazine) and my third choice is that book that's shaped like a sock--I forgot who published it, but you can't miss it! But seriously, the Charlene Schurch book has patterns and numbers, so you can make any pattern fit any choice! Happy shopping!

grumperina said...

Most of the socks I knit are from Nancy Bush books - Knitting on the Road, Vintage Knitted Socks, and Folk Socks. Between those three, you'll be knitting interesting and well-fitting patterns for years!