Saturday, November 18, 2006

An FO!

An FO!

It only took me two weeks to make Grumperina's Sharkif (and only 4 weeks to learn how to pronounce it, and I still mess it up sometimes). I LOVE this scarf - I finished one for my grandfather and am starting another for my FIL. I think this pattern is so well suited for a large man (big and tall, not fat in these men's cases).

I finished the first one using Zara burnt orange merino on size 4.0 mm. The fabric came out a little stiffer than I like, so for this next one I'm using Zara chocolate brown merino on size 5.5 mm. I think I'll like the drape a lot better on the larger needles.

Finally the orange merino found a good home. Here is the list of things it tried to be:
* cardigan from YGG
* sweater for DD
* Tempting II from knitty
* (another sweater for me from knitty that I can't remember)

I thought the yarn was cursed even though it was the squishiest, softest yarn I've knitted with in a long time. It held its spring really well despite all the ripping and reknitting, and after a long soak overnight, it's now drying peacefully and looking just gorgeous.

All of the ends are woven in, and I just need to add fringe.

Two weeks, you might ask. TWO WEEKS? THAT LONG!?!

Well, keep in mind I work 50+ hours a week in a very full and consuming career (as opposed to a job that I leave behind at the end of the day), commute over 2 hours a day, have a child and a husband, and manage to knit. So, in all I'm pretty happy with how fast it went. I was able to memorize the repeats after about 2 of them, and I just used a row counter to keep track of what row pattern I was on.

On another note, I have given up exercising all together. This depresses me. Exercise helps me manage the natural depression I have (since before kindergarten, so there's no "curing" it). It helps me feel invigorated and fit. It helps me feel mentally and emotionally clear. I love sweating.

My friends and colleagues tell me to "just do it." As a one-time gym rat (for years), I know it. But the only options I have are to get up before 5 AM. I know that the advice people give is well-intentioned, but I have talked with DH on end about this, and schedule-wise it's just impossible. I used to get up before 5 to hit the gym, but since having DD, it's been harder and harder, and when I do make it to the gym, all i can think about is stopping so I can feel better. My WOs suck at 5 AM.

Another part of me is OK with this change. It doesn't feel long-term to me. I lost about 40 lbs around 5 years ago now, and I've stuck with healthy eating and exercising for a long time. Right now life is pinched, and something has to give. As important as it is, sleep is more important to me. I can function without exercise. I cannot function without sleep. I've known some rare breeds of people who can EXCEL - not just function but EXCEL! - on less than 5 hrs sleep every day. I'm not one of those. I need a full 8 hours if I can get it, 7 at least.

So, after DD is potty trained and starts to be a little more self-supportive, I have a strong sense I'll have some space to start up again. For now, it just feels overwhelming.

But I still miss it.

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Amy Lane said...

It doesn't have to be in a gym to be exercise... (toh) I'm w/you on the time crunch (a 2 hour commute! ugh! mine comes out to about 1 1/2 when added together--so much bad enough...) but about 3 days a week I flee the house w/the ipod and chuff my supersized bod around the neighborhood... it's not a gym, it's not ever going to make me skinny, but it does keep my emotions on a much more even keel... but I'm sure you've already thought about this...ignore "teacher voice" just jumped up and down and barked and she's supposed to be on vacation...) And a well made scarf in two weeks is just fine. How does that Seal song start? Oh yeah..."Don't be so hard on yourself..."