Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm tired . . .

I'm tired. Really tired.

Not sick and tired. It's not a rant. I'm just tired.

Been working to help the rug-rats that Amy writes about (sorry, I'm too tired for links tonight - look in the right hand list and you'll find her last but not least), though in a completely different part of the country (and no, I'm not a teacher, but I help teach the teachers).

Anyhoo, here's some knitty updates -

- is it sacrilege to say I don't like the jaywalker pattern? I LOVE Grumperina's site (again, too tired to link to it), and I'm even knitting Sharkif, but I don't think I'm a big fan of the jaywalker.

- which brings me to another point - I AM a big fan of CABLES thanks to Grumperina. I LOVE her no-CN method for doing cables, and I'm a convert. Gimme more!

- Sharkif is going well, but I'm using a yarn that I've frogged about 5 times. First it was a cardigan that I ripped because the pattern was wrong and when I wrote the authors they were so goddamned pissy about it I said fuck it and ripped the thing out (and also refuse to go back to their yarn store). Second it was ... ah cripes, I don't care what it was. Point is, it is no longer, so why do I want to remember what it isn't? It's TIRED yarn, too. It's merino and lusciously springy, but I'm just not happy with the fabric on the size 4.00 mm needles I'm using. It's stiff. But, the days to Christmas are fast approaching, and there's no turning back. Granddad is getting that scarf with THAT YARN!

- DD's beautiful intarsia sweater is sitting waiting for the sleeves to be knit. I think I dislike intarsia - I'm not a German knitter like Julie at Samurai (yeah, in the list), and I am slow. Plodding. Putz-ing around knitter. So, it sits.

And I'm working. Like not the hours the day-traders work or the wall-street types who live a block from me in the big fancy houses and buy their children silver teething rings from Tiffany's (it's true - go look on their gawd-awfully designed website) but long hours for me. Long hours for a non-profit. I get paid well, I think, especially for a non-profit. But LOOOOOONNNGGGGGG hours.

And I'm working from home a lot more now, too, which means work gets even longer hours from me (no commute and no getting-ready time to eat into my work day) and I have no knitting time (no more 2 hour train commute). And when I do take the train into the office? I work. ;(

At least I *like* my work. And I like the people I work with. That's a blessing.

But I'm still tired. So good night. ;)


Heidi said...

Hang in there. I know how that is when work and other commitments take over your life. I didn't realize you work in the non-profit world. Me too! At least you get the flexibility of working from home. Cool.

Cara said...

You absolutely don't have to like the jaywalker pattern. You'd be in good company if you didn't. ;-)

Hope things ease up soon.

Amy Lane said...

Oh darlin'--I'm SOOOOOOOO hoping you get the sleep you need. (If I can't get it, some other good person should!!!!) And as for the jaywalker pattern...loved the socks, but actually making them stalled out until I switched to 2 circs... don't know why, but it kept the dread of those increases to a min. But either way, you're entitled... I'm working a Debbie Bliss pattern that will look great when I'm done, but I hate working on it now...