Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Words of encouragement

I got the socks when I got home last night and I LOVE THEM!! You did a phenomenal job!! The pattern is great. They fit perfectly--snug, but not tight. I love the pattern. It was neat how the lighter colors formed stripes. I can see how it must have been fun to knit them, watching as the color striations emerge!

Thank you for making me your guinea pig!!

This is why I knit for other people. What a nice email note from my dear friend for whom I knit socks. The first pair I ever knit. I hope my mom and family like the socks I make them.


Heidi said...

I agree. Knitting for others is so satisfying.

Amy Lane said...

I'm so totally with you...knitting for other people--excellent. Knitting for myself? I've made some of my biggest, most unforgivable finishing blunders knitting for myself...I just hold other people's stuff up to a higher standard I guess... Congrats on the thank you note--print it out, save it, pin it to a'll eventually get a big wall of joy for the times you feel hard on yourself. I keep my 'wall of joy' in my classroom, and believe me, I live for the humble thank you note:-)