Monday, May 07, 2007

Calling all moms

Do you get your toddler's hair cut at a salon or do you cut it yourself?

When DH convinced me to cut DD's hair for the first time, I decided to do it myself.

Clarification: I decided DH and I would do it, particularly after I noticed that my cut was WAY crooked. DH did an excellent job of evening it up. It actually looked so pretty. But then I found one little spot that I said, "Just a nip there," and 20 min later she had been butchered.

So, this last time we decided to take her to a kids cuts place. You know, one of those places that spells the words wrong, like Kidz Kutz. Makes me think "Klutz" which was my dad's nickname for me. Anyhoo, it has seats out of kids toys (DD sat in the Barbie car). They play videos for the kids. It's completely kid-themed.

At $20 for the cut I thought it a little expensive, but I figured all those toys had to add up, even if they did look like they were bought from a dumpster diver's yard sale. Anyway, DD got her first real haircut (and I, the slacker parent, have no pics of it to show you).

Anyway, she got the do. We paid. And then she had ice cream.

But I noticed her hair was crooked. Her bangs were crooked. The back was obviously crooked, as in there was a noticeable "corner" in her hair where one angle went one way only to be met by a severe alternate angle going another way.


DH saved the day by saying, "Well, we paid $20 to learn how to cut her hair ourselves. Dora! to the rescue."


Netter said...

We pay. We go to Jack N Jill in town and it's great. Hubby makes it a boys thing and takes B himself. Gives me 20-30 minutes at home. Our only problem is they don't cut his hair short enough and he hates to leave their Thomas the Train set up.

KnitTech said...

We paid. The girls were to squirrely to sit for parents, but would sit for a stranger. Didn't take them to the kids place, but where I get my hair cut at. Yes, I'm cheap - BUT not easy. (Well, not anymore. I'm about ready to say, I'm not cheap either.)

It's not cursed yarn. Its a learning experience.

NeedleTart said...

I cut the boys hair until they were about 4. Then they went to the "big boy's barber" with daddy.
It must be the spring air, or maybe all that nasty pollen. I knit socks for my niece and one came out 3 sizes smaller, with the same needles!!

Amy Lane said...

We pay. We pay huge. We will pay any amount not to have to sit on a squirrely body screaming at the top of it's little lungs...I don't care how crooked it is either...the cave troll's hair is divided into sections--many sections of straight and two sections of what we call 'head pubes'--tight, kinky, curly hair that defies description. Whoever can cut that deserves $20 and a tip!

Louiz said...

I cut Kathryn's hair. But then I cut himself's hair too. and if I could figure out how to do it, I'd cut my own hair. But then, for my hair cut it is £40... and I ain't paying that!