Monday, May 07, 2007

Cursed yarn


I swear this STR yarn is cursed. I've tried to knit it maybe 5 times and have ripped each time. Then I cast on for a toe-up jaywalker. The toe-up part is working perfectly. I made ONE mistake by not slipping the st next to the kfb, but that's forgivable.

The problem, you ask?


And not only that, but I'm halfway through the second sock before I realized the first was too small. I didn't try it on before CO for the second. Tonight I finished the heel and up to the ankle of the second sock. I tried it on for fit, and it seemed a bit looser than the first. So I took the first off the stitch holders onto some dormant circs and ... it was so tight it was as if I was trying to shove my fat ass into my old size 8s. It wasn't happening. At least not without some major damage to the sock or my foot.

Poof. Phooey! All that knitting. WAAAHHHH.

OK, whine over. Time to get back to it. Interestingly, I think it's a gauge thing. The second sock really does seem to fit fine. In fact, the foot is actually a little big around. But the first sock is tight. Tight tight tight. Maybe I'll continue on the second and rip the first when I'm done. Who doesn't like a little extra knitting practice. ;) It is, after all, train knitting.

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