Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend high

I'm living off my weekend high. I'm at work, and I know the seconds are ticking down before I have to return to real life. But DH, DD, and I had a terrific holiday weekend, and I'm living off every second of its memory that I can. Here are some highlights:

* DH and I biked about 52 miles all weekend. I love my new bike -- it's FUN. There's nothing WORK about getting a bike workout. It really did feel like the equivalent of playing a game or having fun. I'm sad I'm not on the bike now. ;) And for a beginner rider, I can't believe I biked that many miles and didn't collapse!! Can you believe it? 52 miles!! Go me! (This picture is of DH on his bike, not of me. It's a crummy cell picture, but it conveys the spirit all the same.)

* I enjoyed getting some much-needed activity so much this weekend I actually did workout this morning. It was only 30' of upper body strength, but I did it and feel great. I plan to a modest 30' lower body strength workout tomorrow morning, and maybe a bike ride the morning after. We'll see.

* I have an FO from this weekend and another FO to report that I finished just prior to the weekend. I knit some jaywalkers for my sister, and I knit DD some toe-up socks in simple rib with the remaining yarn. I had about 12" of yarn left over after DD's socks; I'm glad I knit them toe-up. I also tried a new heel -- a traditional eye of partridge heel on a toe-up sock. It worked great and looks fabulous (I much prefer the traditional heel with a gusset over a short-row heel). The only tricky part is the math -- with a short row heel, I don't have to think at all. But with a gusset, I have to think and do the math. Luckily I found instructions that used the same exact number of stitches I used for my sock, but I won't be that lucky in the future. I need ot play around with it, but I'm not good at manipulating the numbers. I'm good at math; I just lack confidence in my ability to translate my math to knitting that actually fits. ;)

* I got some great new yarn this weekend with a gift certificate from my mom. I picked up 2 skeins of Trekking sock yarn and 2 (or 3?) skeins of Online Supersocke Beach yarn, a cotton sock yarn that I have a new love for. I CO for a pair of ankle socks for my grandmother. She has very hot feet and tends not to wear socks, but she likes little cotton socks that have the pompom on the backs. This yarn is perfect for her in so many ways: it creates a light fabric that doesn't seem hot at all; it's beach colors (she lives 3 miles from the beach); and it'll make a great addition to her regular socks.

OK, I have to get back to reality. I *do so* want to hold on to the sense of balance I have from this weekend. I know it's fleeting and allusive, but I love how I feel. Wish this feeling was the norm and not the exception. I'll see if -- just for this week -- I can make it the norm. I'll have to set some boundaries with work, which I'm not good at doing, but I *should* do it.



KnitTech said...

52 miles? Where did you go? Sounds like you had a great weekend. You'll need to post pictures of the FO's.

Coach Susan said...

You can always pop back onto your blog and look at that piccie of DH on his bike. Crummy phone shot or not, it puts you right on the road, right in that gorgeous weather. What a great time!

For about 5 months after our pre-Jujube vacation to Hawaii, I could conjure up the image of waves crashing on rough black volcanic rock outside the condo we rented in Kona. It reliably soothed me back to sleep after multiple nighttime potty trips and all the pillow prop re-positionings they entailed. I even used it as a focus/tension release tool during labor.

The magic of that memory disappeared in those early weeks of the sleep deprived trauma called Maternity Leave but it has come back recently and is just as effective as ever. You can keep your weekend. It's all yours and work can't have it. :op

Netter said...

Hubby and I keep saying we need bikes. We didn't even rent them to ride at the boardwalk this weekend. SOunds like you had a great weekend.

Bells said...

that's amazing. You certainly don't sound like a beginner! Those sorts of weekends are fabulous and you sound so happy!

Amy Lane said...

Okay, just looking at the picture made me feel happy and active and free... it was like being there!!! And I love the new beach colors from online...I'm so close to finishing my "must do's" that I'm getting all excited about my 'wanna do's'-- good work on the FO's!