Wednesday, May 23, 2007

For fun
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Let's hope there's at least one person in the country with my name, or else I don't exist. Now there's a concept for solving my work stress.... ~grin~
Onward with the meme. I think I'm up to number 2.

2. I love music but never buy my own music. I mooch off of others. Always have, ever since middle school when I really discovered music for the first time. It started because I was a kid and never had any money to buy music, so I'd just tape the cassettes my friends had. In college a guy I dated (for a long time, the "first" guy) accused me of dating him to get music from him. Which wasn't really true. Only partially true. I dated him because I liked him up until the point that he got annoying. Then I did date him for music (he worked at a radio station), but I dumped him quickly after that. So it doesn't really count, does it? ;)

3. It freaks me out to take pictures of DD naked. My parents have all these cute butt pictures of me when i was a baby (because my current butt pictures sure aren't cute). But maybe because of the internet or the general uptightness of our society, I feel really weird taking pictures of DD when she's naked. Tonight she got a package from my sister that had styrofoam peanuts in it. She LOVES the peanuts and will strip, climb into the box with the peanuts, and play *literally* for over an hour by herself. So she did tonight. And I took a few pics of her naked, but I felt really weird doing it. All of them were butt shots; no front shots. But still, I felt somehow bad doing it, as if I was a pervert.

Why oh why are baby butts so cute? Really now, they're just so cute. Maybe because they have no dimples. Or hair. Or warts or anything else on them. They're just cute.

OK, really, I don't have a butt fetish.

I'm on the internet; I shouldn't joke about such things. But it is all one big joke.


OK, I'm out of meme stuff. Really. I'm really boring. I swear.

Work today was so-so. Not as bad as I expected, but I am so wound up I'm about to break. I really need to rediscover exercise to slough off the day's irritations. I've been drinking a lot more (a lot more as in two beers a night, not a 6-pack in the parking lot of work at 7 AM as my ex-stepfather used to do). Anyway, it's summer. I need to get out and enjoy the pretty weather instead of simmer and suffer in my misery.

eh, maybe tomorrow.... ;)


Amy Lane said...

I'm DYING to go walking in the evening...I miss it so need to take a walk for me in the evening when there is wind and precious yellow sunshine... (I love baby butts... my husband gets all uptight about naked baby pictures, I'm the one going "ooohhh...naked baby naked baby naked baby..." You're right...they're just do darned perfect.

KnitTech said...

I'm with you! Time to start walking in the evenings. Really hope work gets easier. Let's face it, it never gets to be "easy", because then we'd be bored.

Netter said...

baby butts are cute because they're allowed to be so soft and smushy, not to mention the chubby legs. If only my son hadn't been so darned skinny. I missed out on the thigh rolls.

Coach Susan said...

If anyone were witness to the number of times I patted, squooshed, rubbed, tickled or otherwise touched Jujube's naked butt, my own butt would be parked in a jail cell right now.

This is one of those things, like use of the word "gay", that I really resent about modern life. It's a mother's prerogative to pat and squoosh and tickle and photograph her child's absolutely perfect behind.

As for evening walks: I have to exercise in the morning before I'm awake enough to realize just exactly what I'm doing.

Cathy said...

Sadly, our world is not the same one we grew up in...and it's our kids who will suffer.

You're doing great with the me-me! Keep working at it! eheheheh..

I came up with other things..several days after I posted mine.