Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I did it!

Day 2 of working out at home, not just on vacation! Today I did the second half of yesterday's weight routine -- lower body. Funny thing is that at my peak fitness, I would do this particular video twice in a row. I'd add sets. I'd up the weight. Today I did the video as designed with minimal weights, and I'm about to fall over my legs are so shakey. So goes the flubbery. ;)

I will *happily* post DD's feet in her socks! Both pairs! Maybe pairs mixed: one on one foot and another on the other.

So far the online sock yarn in this bobby sock/anklet is knitting up big on my 2.5mm needles. I'll keep this pair for myself and knit my DGM (dear Grandma) a trimmer pair on 1mm (she wears a narrow sock/shoe). I've been wanting to use the 1mm needles since I bought them last year and haven't yet, so this will be good. I actually LOVE the small needles. 4mm feel like tree branches in my hands. LOL.

OK, back to work.


KnitTech said...

I know what you mean. I'm using 2.25 mm for the socks and 5 mm for Dad's sweater. The 5 mm are quicker knits, but way more stitches.

Bells said...

1mm! I would love those. The smallest I have is 2mm. I just love tiny stitches. There's nothing like them.

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...sock knitting really is habit forming... but I have to say, I'm planning a sweater for Cave TRoll on regular, you know, size 7's, and I'm looking forward to that... (okay...I'm going back to walking at night tonight...let's see if I make it 1/2 a mile...yaaaaayyyy! I'm enjoying your workouts much better!)