Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I wanna play with ...

So those of you with kiddies I'm sure can relate to this post. I'm tired. I have chores to do before going to bed. I have to get up early, and I was home from work very late tonight. But I have to post this.

Last night was "my night" taking care of DD. She'll be 3 in July, so she's getting to be a big girl. After playing last night, DD asked to take a bath (a rare thing). She started it a full hour before bedtime, so she had plenty of time to play.

While in her bath, DH came home. He joined us in the bathroom for a little family bonding time. What family hasn't corralled around the toilet for a little update about the day? So it goes with our family.

Anyway, DH and I are chatting while DD takes her bath, all of us in the bathroom, mind you. When DH looks at DD and stops talking. Then I quickly look over, and she's pooping in the tub! A full out grunt. Red faced, squatting, grunting girl.

Swoop comes mom, lifts her out, but not before a little nugget falls in the water. Plop. Just as if it were toilet water.

DD did finish the job in the proper place, thankfully, but we still had the little nugget to contend with. However, DD had different plans ... off the toilet she slides and starts to climb back in the tub because

"I wanna play with the poop, Mommy!"

Loudly. I bet our neighbors heard it.

She did not play with the poop. She brushed her teeth and read stories in bed, instead. And I got to scoop the poop out with a trash bag over my hand.

Anyway, I am so stressed about my work right now that I have the awful OCD hand-to-mouth disease. I have the most delicious trail mix that is calling my name, and I'm resisting it. I had enough to day. At least it's not M&Ms or other such delights. Really, it's not about the food. It's about shoving something in my mouth to quell the awful anxiety I have about work. This is my 9th week in the job, and this morning I dreamt my boss detested me. I dreamt he viciously hated me and was out to get me at every turn. I think there's a little anxiety there.

I know the meme is going around, and Cathy pinged me for it. A few of the posts have prompted me to think about similar situations in my own life, so here goes...

  • I only failed one course in my life, and it was high school typing. Cathy made it through hers, but I decided to play chess every day of typing class instead of learning how to type. I would make a chess board on notebook paper and would make my own pieces out of little notebook paper circles. A friend and I would play. Currently I'm a pretty fast typer. I actually haven't met a person who can type faster than I can. But I certainly didn't get it from typing class.

  • I swear I have the most boring life in the world. I can't think of another thing to write, and the clock is ticking.

    Can I complete the meme over several posts??? ;)

    Back later.

    Bells said...

    tee hee. I know scooping kiddie poop out of the bath is probably not much fun, but that's a funny story.

    Your stress levels don't sound good at all. Hugs.

    Netter said...

    I'm thankful when B's pooped in the tub he's not asked to play with it! Ewww. But it's not fun dealing with the clean-up. So sorry about the work stress. I kind of enjoyed my typing class in high school. I think it was the teacher.

    Cathy said...

    ahhhhhhhhh the loves of raising a child...

    yes, you can post over several posts...heck..i sat on this for days! trying to figure outwhat to write!

    Amy Lane said...

    hee hee hee... of course she wants to play...she's never seen it outside a diaper before!!! (And now you have, and really wish you hadn't...icky icky icky:-)

    NeedleTart said...

    OK. Here's the Elder Son's poop in the tub story (but you will deny hearing it if ever asked. Swear. OK).
    I bathed him in a large Rubbermaid wash basin. A brown basin (what was I thinking?). One day during his bath I noticed he was chewing. "What are you eating?" I asked. "Raisins", he answered. "Raisins, where did you get raisi.....Oh! Spit it out!!!"

    Coach Susan said...

    Needle Tart, now I have iced coffee dripping out of my nose. Thanks. Thanks a lot.