Wednesday, May 17, 2006


An FO to show. It's not a great pic of me, but the cami is great. This is the Honeymoon Companion Cami (my title), which is smaller and trimmer than the Honeymoon Cami. I added the seed stitch border along the bottom (instead of a rib) but also added the border along the V-shaping. That stumped me for weeks as I figured out different kinds of decreases that kept the pattern. I abandoned the decrease instructions in the pattern and did a simple k2tog on the very edge, which worked well with the seed st. I do like that the pic shows I need to wear a dark bra underneath. It's a nice preview before its public debut.

In class last night I used my LYS's spinner to turn one hank into a skein. It was so easy and so quick - especially compared with draping the hank over my knees and fending off DH's foot. I'm rethinking buying one. I vowed not to, but if I use hanks a lot, I can justify the investment.

I'm well into the lace pattern for MIL. I love the variety of the knitting after doing St st forever.


Deidre said...

Excellent job on the cami, the fit looks perfect! I have also vowed not to buy a spinner but I guess this knitting thing isn't just a "phase" and I have changed my mind. I've never tried the crossed leg position - kinda like knitting yoga.

Deena said...

Great job on your cami!! It looks great.