Wednesday, May 10, 2006

in pieces

Here are some pictures (sorry for the bad picture quality) of the baby kimono, in progress. It's still in pieces and unblocked, but I wanted to show this almost-FO. The original kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting looks much more squat and square than mine. I'm hoping this isn't a problem fit-wise, and maybe post-blocking mine will look more like the picture.

I didn't make many modifications to this pattern. I added an eyelet border along the bottom edge and wrists using garter sts & YOs. I think it turned out really nicely and I like the effect much better than the seed st. It matches the eyelet border along the front edges, adding a more finished feel.

I also knit the two front sides at the same time using circular needles and two separate skeins. This worked out really well for getting both sides to be the exact same length with little thinking. It didn't work out so well in terms of twisted, tangled yarn, but so it goes. Luckily it was only two skeins.

I plan to add some ribbon and possibly a bow if I can tie it right. We shall see.

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