Monday, May 22, 2006

a little slow going

Happy May 22. I can't believe the month is 2/3 complete!

I've been knitting like mad, but I don't have any pics to show. My lace handtowel for MIL is coming along nicely despite dropping a YO st this morning on the train. I'm sure I shaved off a year of my life because of the panic, but I recovered with no mistakes! I can't believe it. I was petrified I'd have to rip the entire thing, which I've only been knitting for hours and hours and hours on end.

I'm also making good progress on Tempting II. I'm almost complete with the torso and am about ready to start the sleeves. I do want to post a pic, though, because some of my st aren't straight. I'm wondering if blocking will help or if they're just sloppy (and permanent) flaws. Sometimes a single st will be much larger than the others, and sometimes several st in a column going up the sweater will have taken a sharp curve. It's as if there were a lane change. I didn't K2tog or decrease - all the st just move on over. I'll have to post a pic tomorrow.

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