Tuesday, May 16, 2006

in the trenches

Happy May 16th. It's rainy and dreary here today, but this pic of my favorite green sweater makes me think of sun and crisp air.I decided to weather the knitting funk by focusing on one project, knitting as much or as little as I want, and leaving it at that with no expectations. So, I made progress on MIL's lace handtowel, and I like how it's turning out. In fact I like knitting lace a lot and am now looking at some new projects for my sister:

These are from Hilton Lace Pillowcase (http://interweave.com/needle/projects/hiltonlace_pillowcase.asp). I've also seen patterns like this in books, but god forbid I ever buy the book or remember which book I looked at. In my defense, there are a ton out there!

I decided that I'll piece together the baby kimono in tonight's knitting class. My Honeymoon Companion is now finished and blocked (kinda, more in a sec), so I'll show that. As for blocking a sweater, does it count to soak the sweater and let it dry on a sweater mesh thingy? I usually take everything to the cleaners and let them steam it, but a tank? I can't see myself shelling out the bucks for that. The cami is made from yarn like dishcloth cotton, so it should wash well. Maybe I'll just stick it in the washer & dryer and leave it at that. It's a weekend casual cami, after all, not a silk special thing.

And I have an admission: I finally threw away the Red Heart yarn I bought years and years ago. It was taking up a huge part of my stash, and in our teeny apartment we just don't have the room. I thought about knitting it for afghans or baby gifts, but I DETEST that yarn and didn't want it in sight. I could have given it away, but I DETEST that yarn and can't imagine thrusting it on someone else.

Does that make me a bad knitter??

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