Friday, May 05, 2006

Zoooooooming by

I love Debbie Bliss yarn.

This is a quick post. I'm going to a conference Sunday-Tuesday, and the family is heading down early to visit friends in the area.

I've had to put aside the Honeymoon Companion. I need a block of time to sit down and work on it. I've knit on the train enough to know that when patterns start getting tricky or need attention, train knitting merely results in mistakes. So, I've turned my attention to the Baby Kimono, which is actually a very fun knit.

As promised, here are the yarn specs:
Berroco Touche
Pink (color 7990)
50% Cotton, 50% Rayon
5mm 20st/24rows = 4"

I did rip and reknit this completely because I didn't like the seed stitch border. Actually, I did like it, but I wanted to put in an eyelet-type border using YOs. I started this last night and am already to the neck decreases. I love how fast this goes.

In looking at all of the FOs on the blogs out there, I can't help but wonder how much time people have to knit. I'm either incredibly slow or have zilch time compared with others. Here's my knitting schedule:
About 40 min on the AM train
About 30 min at lunch
About 40 min on the PM train
About 40-60 min at night


Kelli said...

That's more time than me - if I get two hours per day, I'm lucky. But then again, I'm not boasting a bunch of FOs either!

Deena said...

I also love Debbie Bliss yarn. The colors, the feel, it all works for me. I am trying to resist buying up all of the Cashmerino Chunky that is on sale at WEBS.