Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Musings

Welcome May! In celebration of Project Spectrum, I'm posting this pic and sending a hearty hello to Spriritual Knitter.

I don't know about others out there, but I have roughly 3 sizes of clothes in my closet: 4s, 6s, and 8s. I can't even look at the 4s right now. Some 6s fit like 4s (meaning I can't look at them at all). Others fit like really big 8s. Some 8s fit like perfect 6s (meaning they're towards the back of the closet collecting dust), and yet others fit like large 10s. Further, clothes I got several years ago are sized differently than clothes I bought recently: the 6s I bought several years ago now are labeled 4s and sometimes 2s.

DH also has several sizes of clothes, but all of the 33s fit like 33s, 32s like 32s, and 31s like 31s.

For years I've wondered why clothing sizes vary as much as they do. It's annoying and irritating - even the 2 pairs of size 6 Eddie Bauer jeans I have fit differently. What's with that?

Which now leads me to a larger topic: US sizes in general, namely, knitting needle sizes. I saw on a recent SKC post a note about US sized needles vary from one manufacturer to another but are generally consistent within manufacturers. For example, the Clover size 6 needles I have are NOT the same as the addi size 6.

However, the mm sizes never change because, well, it's based on a standard system. So, long rant short, from now on I'm going by mm size, not US size.

Project Updates
DD's rug: I ran out of yarn a mere 3 ridges after posting the picture of it yesterday. I'm going to shop around online for the yarn I need. It's sugar 'n cream, so it should be easy to find, but it's still a pain to have run out. It does give me a good chance, however, to think about the colors for the rug. I am using Butter Cream Ombre, which is a multi-colored thread (I don't know the technical term for it - variagated in plants). I like the colors a lot and since this rug uses a log cabin design, I have the chance of making different colored blocks. I just need to find the right dusty/pastel colors, and I'll be set.

So, I cast on a new project: the Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'll post the yarn specs when I get home. The pattern calls for good ole Sugar 'N Cream, which I LOVE for many things. But for this I went with a nicer yarn that has a really pretty shimmer to it. Pics and specs to come.

Honeymoon Cami Companion: so that's not the exact name for it, but it works for me for now. I'm modifying the pattern A LOT given how Honeymoon turned out. Basically I'm shortening the length and reducing the bust increases. I also did a seed stitch border rather than rib.

And, a non-knitty rant: I did 9 WOs last month. A paltry 9. Goal for May: at least 18 WOs. That should be completely do-able if I just get up in the morning and get to it.


Cyndi said...

I hear you on the clothing sizes... I have a selection of sizes 6-8-10, all of which fit differently. The size 8 stuff that fit me last summer is a bit snug, so I had to buy a few new pairs of capris - and guess what size the new ones are? 8! So strange. Perhaps my closet is just shrinking my clothes over the winter?

Deidre said...

My closet is also like a mini-mall of sizes. I didn't know about the different knitting needle sizes! One would think there would be a standard on clothing and needle sizes. I am still pondering making the beaded stitch markers. You are so crafty :)