Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I found a great knit for the yarn that resulted in the disastrous One Singular Sensation (not the yarn's fault, of course). This is Tempting II from Knitty. It calls for a slightly stretchy yarn, so the merino is perfect for it. I had thought about using the delicious papaya-colored Debbie Bliss I have, but it's 100% cotton and the pattern specifically states cotton won't work for this snug and hugging pullover. Given I had just about enough merino yarn for a cardi, I should have plenty for this.

The pattern calls for size 7 24' circular needle which I don't have. My addi 6 24' circ gave me gauge so I'm using those. I love the Addis (these are bamboo ones). They're terrific. I thought about making one size up just in case the gauge is wrong, but it's a stretchy sweater and I went with the smallest size. The torso's about 12" long now, so I'll start the shoulders and neck sections soon.

I still don't have pics to show, but I'll post them soon!

Topics not allowed on the blog (w*rk) is intervening in my life at the moment, so knitting is slow going. It's all part of the ebb and flow, I suppose.


Deidre said...

I bet you will be fine with the smaller size. It will probably give you a better fit. You really make cute tops.
I am interested in how your handtowel turned out.
P.S. Thanks to your suggestion, I will soon attempt to make my own beaded stitch markers!

Heidi said...

This is totally cute and it sounds like you're knitting it quickly. I can't wait to see pictures. It does look like it'd be nice in a summery kind of yarn. What color are you doing it in?