Friday, April 14, 2006


I posted on one of the knitting help boards (either knitty or knittinghelp) awhile ago about holes in the neckline of my green sweater. One of the responses included a link to an article on knitty about working with necklines, picking up stitches, decreases and increases. In somewhat of an aside, Theresa Vinson Stenersen described making graceful, curvy decreases along the arms and shoulders. I had to frog back on my sweater so I did a few extra rows to try the new stitches. As you can see in the after picture, the results are beautiful! I had no angst at redoing it since it turned out so nicely. I'm also hopeful that the other pieces will knit much more quickly as I learn these techniques and apply them from the beginning rather than having to rip and reknit all the time.

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emy said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my crochet dress on sexyknittersclub.

To prevent steps, whenever you bind off,slip the first st instead of knitting it. It does help me a lot.