Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ISO scoop-neck T-shirt pattern

All knitters - I'm in search of a pattern for a basic t-shirt (much like nothing but a t) but with a simple scoop neck that swoops down a bit from the neck. I plan to make the Somewhat Cowl, but I have a specific summer skirt that needs a simple blouse. I'm worried the ribbing and cowl on the SC is too heavy for the skirt, which is a beautiful shimmery white in a flaring A-line to the knees. A cami is too casual for the office, and the SC too heavy.

I'd be ever so grateful if anyone can point me to a pattern!

My knitting class last night was taken mostly with hunting yarn for the SC and for the elusive scoop t I want to make. I know, I know, it can be problemmatic to pick the yarn before the pattern, but I did it anyway. I'm picky and have a very specific weight and color in mind, and I figure I'll do whatever adjustments I can to the pattern to make the yarn work.

So, not much knitting, and not much progress to show. Here's an FO from January, modelled by DD. I loved this poncho and have gotten so many compliments from strangers (and multiple requests to sell them) I thought I'd show it off. The Medusa hat I absolutely love and was so much fun to make.

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Heidi said...

Adorable: the hat, the poncho, and the DD.