Thursday, April 06, 2006

R r r r r r i i i i i i p p p p p p !!!!!!

Ack. So much progress, so much ripping. I went to bed completely bummed about ripping out the two sides of the honeymoon cami. My gauge is a little off, the decreases are funky, and I can't figure out how to do the left side. I'm less than enthralled with the pattern instructions, though I've seen on Mind of Winter that many many knitters have successfully knit their own luscious camis. I want mine! And I want another!

I fought the urge to stay up late to figure out the mistakes. I was tired, and you know that a lot, sometimes most, of tired, frustrated, late-night work results in MORE problems. I went to bed instead.

I have learned this project is no longer suitable for train knitting. It's back to a project that's in the simple stockinette stage (a cardigan from Yarn Girl's Guide).

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