Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The perils of blog-reading

I'm suffering. Suffering, suffering, suffering. I'm reading too many blogs and seeing too many delicious FOs. I want both the act of knitting, but I want FOs in each sitting. I could do little toys for DD (ah! more FOs to add to my list), but let's face it - fuzzy creatures are cute for only so long. Then they get, well, a little boring.

I signed up for the Sexy Knitter's Club Orangiana KAL but haven't started. One, I'm way past the cast-on date, and two I have too many WIP already, and the list is growing.

So the question of today is How, oh HOW do you curb your addiction??

That said, I'm in the land of blah knitting. I recast DD's rug, and it's slow going. The rogue knitter in me decided to increase the size of one rug panel by 6 so that I don't have to sew panels together, but it's making for s-l-o-w knitting. 104 stitches per row, 178 rows total for the first section of the log pattern. The yarn is thick and heavy, which hurts my hand. I can only knit a few rows a night, and at this pace I think it'll take 3 months to finish the first panel (and then there are a bunch afterwards).

As a result, I'm not posting much.

I did think about Colleen at Subway Knitter recently, as I've seen a few knitters sporadically during my 3+ hour commute (round trip). I was wondering why I saw so few (with such a long commute), and lo and behold I saw TWO in less than 24 hours. This cool chick was knitting in Penn Station while waiting for a train, and this lovely knitter actually sat next to me on the train in this morning. We had a nice time chatting and sharing tips.


HPNY Knits said...

I know what you mean about too much great stuff in blog land,nd soittle time. I try to impose a curew on my blog reading, so I can "have a life"... and get to the knitting
not easy to control the addiction, with so much great yarn and projects.

Deidre said...

Ah yes, the ever growing knitting list. I can't seem to knit fast enough either. I put a time limit to my blog reading, otherwise I could spend the entire day in front of the computer. Your daily commute sounds like a perfect time for undisturbed knitting! Not to put on the pressure but I am looking forward to seeing the rug. :)

Jeanie said...

Yes, yes... I too can relate to the blog reading versus completing my own WIP's dilemma. I don't have specific time limits on either activity per se... I just pretty much figure that if I'm more interested in blog reading, then I must need the motivation to get back to my own knitting. Once I've had my fill of FO porn (via knitting blogs) and I'm ready to get back to my own knitting, I finally walk away from the computer and knit... or more often knit in front of the computer just in case something wonderful pops up ;-)