Saturday, April 15, 2006

knitting is . . . romantic!?!

Yeah, romantic.

At least I regard knitting as romantic. I love the self-created nostalgia of it - the look of my hands on wooden knitting needles, the sense of longevity and by-gone days an FO evokes, how FOs are embued with love because they are handmade. I think it's the southern belle in me coming out (I grew up in northern South Carolina on the borders of appalachia with a momentary stint in the low country).

I think it's this romantic, nostalgic notion of knitting that propels me to knit for my SC-born and raised MIL. It's also what prevents me from knitting for my Texas-born and very practical mother. I envision umpteen projects for MIL but can't see a single one for mom. Sad, too. I love my mom. Now if I created piano music I'd have something to give mom. Like I live and breathe knitting, she lives and breathes any and all things piano. Maybe a knitted piano bench cover. A-ah! Maybe I'm onto something!

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