Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You may whine . . . briefly

I've been knitting the orange cardigan (all the pics in previous posts) since March. It's the poor article of clothing that's seen me discover I'm knitting incorrectly, suffered through several froggings to get the curvaceous decreases, been through a couple of different needle sizes to get gauge, and now is seeing MORE frogging as a result of a mistake in the pattern.

I wanna pitch it.

I hate it.

I love it.

It's not at fault.

but I hate it.

Overall I like the patterns in the YGG (that's why I bought it), and I think they're relatively easy to follow (I dislike having to flip to the back of the book for detailed instructions, but I understand space limitations). I have met the authors and frequent their store, so I know they're intelligent, thoughtful women.

But c'mon ladies. Cut an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist girl some slack. I get to frog BOTH front panels - roughly 8" on each one.

OK. I'm done whining. Onto ripping. Poor, poor yarn. I gotta hand it to the yarn, though, it's sturdy. I'd knit with it again any time. I love the stuff.


Sara said...

Whoa. I'm knitting OSS right now. And there's a MISTAKE IN THE PATTERN? Help! Where does it go wrong?

Rae said...

I don't have the book with me right now, so this description will be a little sketchy.

When knitting the left and right front sections of the cardigan, the decreases for the arm shaping are wrong. The pattern has you decrease over a series of rows and then repeat rows 4&5 (or 5&6, I can't remember). INSTEAD, you want to repeat the LAST rows (7&8, I think) - the rows that have you BO only one st per row. If you repeat rows 4&5, you BO 2 st per row, and that's too many.

I didn't see the corrections updated on their website, but I did have an email confirmation from them that the pattern was incorrect.

Hope this helps. I bailed on making the rest of the pattern, so I no suggestions for finishing. I'd love to see a pic of your FO when it's done.

Sara said...

Goodness. Thanks for letting me know. I did check their site for errata, but saw nothing for this book. Luckily, I haven't started on the front yet-- you've saved me much knitting angst! We shall see how it goes from here...