Thursday, April 13, 2006

Twisted Stitches

I decided to do some experimenting on the twisted stitches and have some tell-tale photos. I decided to play around with the cardigan, since I have to rip some rows anyway. Can you see the changes to the stitches in this photo? I have three different stitches:
1. Knit counter-clockwise, purl clockwise (incorrect)
2. Knit counter-clockwise, purl counter-clockwise (correct)
3. Knit clockwise, purl clockwise (incorrect)
And a closeup of the last two:
1. Knit clockwise, purl clockwise (incorrect), and
2. Knit counter-clockwise, purl counter-clockwise (correct). Technically, the clockwise stitches should result in relatively even rows since I'm wrapping the yarn the same for the knit st as for the purl st, but it does look more twisted than the counter-clockwise wrap, and the stitches are weird to knit.

I'm surprised at how EASY the stitches knit when done correctly. My gauge is actually a little looser than previously, and the knitting has more ease. It also feels much more natural even though I've been wrapping the purl incorrectly for years and years (hence having gotten used to the wrap).

I've learned a lot through this and now understand why all of these years my knitting never looked like those in books I have. I always hated how my stitches seemed sloppy - bumpy and uneven and a bit strangled looking. My rows were never as straight and even as those in the books, and I thought I was just untalented.

Well, no longer! I'm just uninfomed (some call that ignorant, and in this case, ignorance is NOT bliss).

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