Sunday, April 30, 2006


This is the closest this yarn will ever get to being the One Singular Sensation cardigan. May it RIP. My grieving is over, and I'm ready to move on.

That said, I finally have pics of an FO - the Honeymoon Cami. Although, I'm sad to report the following conversation:

Me: (to DH, with the cami on) enthusiastically So what do you think?
DH: Oh, dear, well, it's nice.
Me: a bit less enthusiastic Hm, really? Do you think so?
DH: Yeah. Of course. It's . . . um, well, it's nice.
Me: OK, c'mon. What's up? You don't like it?
DH: Well, you want an honest broker?
Me: Shoot.
DH: It looks homemade. Nice. Homemade.

Shucks. Homemade. Where's my bonnet?

Homemade? OK. I agree. Well, maybe not 100% homemade, but I think it's 1) too big and 2) my bod's not in tip-top summer form (where are those strength training WO cards?). So, I think the cami would be nice if I had a tighter, less cushy bod and if it were less droopy. A sister version of the cami (a striped deal, but mine's solid) is on the needles now. It has a tighter fit, so hopefully that will help. Unfortunately, it's going pretty fast, so I doubt my body will be all that toned before I can don it. Oh well, hopefully by next month I'll look better, making it look better. I'll post a pic of it on when I get this bod in shape.

And since I've been picture-less lately, I have a few extras:
DD's rug, the first panel 1/2 complete. You can see it here with the remaining skein (to get a sense of the size). I like how it's coming out despite how tough the yarn is to knit (3 strands of Sugar 'n Cream), size 10 needles. It's heavy. Definitely not a travelling project.

And here's another pic of my lovely DD sitting to admire the flowers. She's delicious.

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