Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A knitting first

This is my first blog post where I will wax ad nauseum about knitting, purling, cast-ons, bind-offs, increases, decreases, decorative stitches, intarsia, fair isle, and ripping off.

Occasionally, I'll also talk about my other favorite subjects - exercising and healthy eating, and my family. No work, repeat no work issues can appear on this site (unless it involves knitting, exercising and healthy eating, or family at work).

Some in-progress projects and FOs.

This is my first adult sweater, knitted for myself. I don't have the yarn specs on hand, but it's a lovely moss green. I'm not one for blocking and, while knitting the sweater, was relieved to hear the owner of my LYS say she never blocked anything. So, I happily took the sweater to the dry cleaners to have them care for it. I was particularly unhappy with the front neckline - all of the other edges came out lovely, but I think my gauge was too loose along the neck, which resulted in holes where the decreases appear. The sloppy excited, impatient knitter that I am, I skipped ripping out and redoing, hoping instead for a professional clean and press to take care of it. I haven't tried the sweater on yet since getting it back, but I think it may have shrunk! It's certainly much more plush and thick looking than when I sent it. Does anyone know how dry cleaners care for sweaters??

This is yarn for a new project, the honeymoon cami from Mind of Winter. These skeins have turned into the body of the cami (pics to come). I'm at the neck, back, and arm shapings, which are tricky. I need to stop knitting this on the train and switch to something mindless, like the sweater that uses the following yarn.

I'm knitting this lovely deep orange into a cardigan (again, a first) from the Yarn Girl's Guide to Beyond the Basics.

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